You might’ve channeled your inner Marie Kondo to rid your closet from clutter or get your home office in tip-top shape, but have you used the KonMari method to clean up your wellness routine yet? When you get real with yourself, you might find that some of your scheduled workouts fill you with dread more than they spark joy, or that trying to squeeze in six exercise classes each week actually leaves you feeling more drained than energized. To understand how people hope to reset mentally this year, global ticketing and event platform Eventbrite surveyed 2,000 US adults age 18 and older, and they found that yoga tops the list of activities people believe delivers a dose of Zen.

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Not surprised? You probably already know that practicing yoga has major health benefits like an improved range of motion, lowering stress levels and blood pressure. Even more, doing yoga can help you get rid of aches and pains, especially if you sit at a desk all day, and help you feel happier. Eventbrite data reveals five more fascinating points that speak to why people are excited to do more yoga than ever this year:

1. Beginners feel inspired. Eventbrite data shows that 63 percent more people overall plan to hit the mat this year compared to 2018. Even more, the site predicts that people who live in the West will eventually prove to be more dedicated when compared to those living in other parts of the country.

2. Experimental classes keep it fun. Survey participants told Eventbrite that in addition to carving out time for regular yoga practice, they also plan to experiment with different forms of yoga this year. From yoga with animals to immersive yoga or beer yoga, there seems to be a variety for pretty much anyone.

3. Men love studio classes. While 50 percent of women say they’ll seek a calming solo experience when doing yoga, 65 percent of men said they’re hoping to score some Zen at a studio this year.

4. Millennials are all about mental health. Practicing yoga might give you a lean look, but the majority of millennials say that their physical appearance isn’t a leading motivator. Instead, millennials rave about yoga’s mental health benefits — specifically tension and stress relief, as well as a noticeable boost in happiness. Health is wealth, after all.

5. Yoga has become more accessible. Eventbrite spotted a cash-saving trend that’s surely worth a try: Tapping into yoga and guided meditation with affordable apps or YouTube videos is easy to do from anywhere. Forty-two percent of people said they plan to give digital tools a try, either to get started or to supplement their regular classes and at-home practice.

9 Experimental Yoga Classes to Try This Year

1.Laughter Yoga: According to website DOYOUYOGA, laughter yoga is a relatively new form of exercise and has been around since the 1990s. This fun class combines breathing exercises with gentle laughter exercises; 20 percent of Eventbrite respondents would like to try this.

2. Hot Yoga: Hot yoga varieties have risen in popularity in the last couple of decades — and 18 percent of respondents said they’d like to try it. Popular yin, Vinyasa, and Bikram style classes promote sweating and stretching, helping the body warm its muscles, reduce stress, and burn calories. Most hot yoga classes are usually up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and can range from 60 to 90 minutes.

3. Silent Disco Yoga: If you’ve been looking for a place where your wireless headphones meet zen, this might be it! People say silent disco yoga helps them feel connected and power through poses while having a ton of fun doing it, which may be why it appeals to the 17 percent of respondents who said this was on their list.

4. Immersive Yoga: Immersive yoga is a sensory experience that might involve light therapy, color, and digital technology to help people who practice achieve a state of inner clarity. Theme classes are specially designed for specific conditions, like Seasonal Affective Disorder or energy slumps. Seventeen percent of respondents named immersive yoga as something they’d like to try.

5. Aerial Yoga: Finally, a class where you can literally fly through your workout! Sign up for this one if you’re into traditional yoga poses paired with dance and Pilates — 15 percent of brave respondents said they were game to try this version.

6. Cat Yoga: Cat lovers rejoice: It’s easier than ever to hang out with cats outside of your home or favorite cat cafe — you can find furry felines in your yoga classes too, and 15 percent of those surveyed were into it. Yogi Katie Misencik told CNN, “Cat yoga is all about fun and is a little more relaxing. There’s not as much pressure to make my form perfect.” Your biggest challenge might be keeping your favorite pair of leggings free from all those cute little claws.

7. Beer Yoga: Drinking beer when you’ve planned to burn extra calories might not seem to make much sense, but those who take beer yoga classes love practicing in atypical places like taprooms or breweries. Ready to perfect your downward drinking dog? Sip while you stretch or treat yourself to a favorite on tap once class concludes, like the 14 percent of survey respondents who want to raise a glass to this type of class.

8. Naked Yoga: Yep, this one is *exactly* like it sounds: practicing yoga in your birthday suit. Practice without clothes at home or go full frontal in a group setting. Naked yogis say they love how inclusive and body-positive this kind of class can be. Fourteen percent of respondents are down to let it all hang out with this style.

9. Heavy Metal Yoga: Feeling upset, irrationally emotional or on the cusp of making a decision you might regret? Nowadays, there’s a yoga class to help you power through. Heavy metal yoga uses intense music to help people release feelings of anger and dark emotions, so no wonder 13 percent of respondents are down to thrash. If you want to grunt, yell, or scream, go for it. In this class, it’s completely encouraged!

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