When news broke that a new Disney park would be added in Asia, the Internet totally lost its cool. After fangirling for a hot minute while streaming the opening ceremony live on Facebook, Disney aficionados (including us!) immediately went to work looking for a cheap international flight hack that would take us straight to Shanghai Disneyland. But before we can actually muster up the funds to visit the park IRL, we thought we’d take a virtual tour of the latest Disney property a la Instagram. Let the magic begin!

1. The Castle of Our Dreams: Unlike other Disney parks which chose to design their castle with a specific princess in mind, Shanghai’s Enchanted Storybook Castle was made for ALL of the Disney princesses. Plus, according to Disney Wikia, the castle itself features a ton of cool extras, including a walk-through attraction, a restaurant, a makeover boutique, a full stage and a boat ride.

2. Off With Their Heads: A brand new attraction in the heart of Fantasyland, lucky guests of all ages can weave their way through the Queen of Heart’s maze — just make sure that the roses are red, okay?

3. One Magic Passport Please: Even though you’ll probably need your actual passport to get into the country, by all accounts, Disney’s magic passport is much more fun. Available for purchase inside the park, it allows guests to collect cool themed stamps at different locations around the grounds. What an awesome souvenir!

4. Don’t Get Lost: Just like all of their other parks, Disney provides each guest with a handy guide map of attractions and showtimes, available in multiple languages for tourists of all backgrounds.

5. Our Disney Fashion Icons: One of our favorite things about heading to Disney is getting a chance to see all of the amazing costumes in parades, shops and shows. Luckily for us, Shanghai Disneyland’s splendid array of costumes definitely does not disappoint!

6. Brand New Rides: Tomorrowland just got a whole lot more neon. Bringing us into the world of TRON, this rockin’ roller coaster is an instant hit with guests. But be warned… the lineup for this attraction can reach close to four hours at peak times, so make sure to come early and grab a Fast Pass if you can.

7. Shiver Me Timbers: If you love the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, you have to check out Shanghai Disney’s Treasure Cove. Featuring the ever popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride, a stunt show starring none other than Captain Jack Sparrow and awesome canoe rides, you’ll be counting your booty and guzzling rum (okay, bottled water) in no time.

8. A Quacking Treat: Eating Disney-themed grub is half the fun of traveling to the happiest place on earth. Cool down on a hot day with these adorable and oh-so-delicious treats.

9. A Quick Musical Number: Mickey is a mouse of all trades — including being a master conductor. Make sure to consult a free schedule to see when he’ll be performing next.

10. Hidden Gem: Just like the other parks, Shanghai Disneyland is full of awesome tributes to the classic movies — like this cute model of Aladdin’s Abu hidden within the park.

11. Arendelle Trinkets: No trip to Disneyland is complete without a quick(ish) trip to the gift shop. Along with selling classic Mickey Mouse ears, the park is packed with exclusive Shanghai merch that you just can’t find anywhere else.

12. ‘Cause Baby You’re a Firework: Combining projection mapping with a stellar fireworks display, Shanghai Disneyland’s Ignite the Dream fireworks spectacular (featuring tidbits from Frozen AND Star Wars) is definitely worth the trip.

13. Goodbye for Now: Hold off on the tears as you exit the park, folks… after all, Mickey will see us again real soon!

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(Feature photo via Visual China/Getty)