If you have friends that love to tag you in Facebook posts, you’ve likely experienced the horror of checking your Timeline to see a video or status you would rather not have visible to your colleagues or family. But a new update to Facebook notifications could make embarrassing Timeline spam a thing of the past.


Facebook is currently testing a feature that allows users to share content and notify friends who they specifically want to see it. It’s similar to the Instagram feature that allows users to send images and videos directly to friends instead of tagging them in the comments section.

The new notifications are rolling out slowly and currently only available to a few Facebook users in the UK, Canada and France. For those who are in the test group, the words “Notify a few friends about this post” shows up under the text box once a status, video, photo or feeling has been posted. It’s possible to notify up to 10 friends at a time with the new feature.

This has been a week of switches and tweaks for Facebook, from font to emoji. We can only hope that this feature also soon expands to include everyone, because we’re dreaming of a cyber world with no more embarrassing, visible tags!

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(h/t TechCrunch, photo via Sam Edwards/Getty Images)