Fonts are important 鈥 just ask anyone with a fiery hatred of Comic Sans. There鈥檚 even an entire typewriter dedicated to it! It鈥檚 clearly somewhat a make or break factor when it comes to marketing, so it only makes sense that social media companies like Facebook would want to play around with it.


No stranger to site聽advancements (that break-up feature聽might be one Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama take a peek at), the social media giant is reportedly testing out a new look on some of its users.

Making the transition from its standard Helvetica to the more bold Geneva, Facebook has implemented the change for desktop users in an effort to see if it will enhance engagement. Not everyone will see a change right away, but depending on results, it (along with a whole slew of new emoji) could be something you see on the reg. Alternately, it could disappear tomorrow, never to be spoken of again.

First Instagram changes up your feed, now this? It鈥檚 a whole lot of change, and fast, but whether they decide to keep the new type or not, we think we鈥檒l soldier through. *wink emoji*

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(h/t Refinery 29, photos via Getty and @nielsenlink)