Let’s be honest: Finding a gift that is not only functional, but also thoughtful and unique is the holy grail of gifting. We know that 3D printing can do some amazing things, but can it hit the perfect present trifecta? Brooklyn-based architect and computational designer Nick Desbien thinks so.

His answer? “It’s your face in a vase!” Depending on how you pronounce that, it totally rhymes. Fahz is a 3D printed vase that includes the profiles of familiar faces in the design so they can be seen in the negative space. His fahz brings to life the idea of a Rubin’s Vase, only it also allows you to personalize it for the perfect gift.


Fahz was born when Desbien set out to create a unique and unforgettable Mother’s Day gift for his wife Martha, a landscape architect. Desbien designed the vase using side profile photos of himself and his family. He then employed vector geometry to bring the profiles together in the negative space surrounding the vase to create its shape, and voila! Desbiens had a design that could be 3D printed and a program he could use to create vases from anyone’s photos.


Martha told 3DPrint.com, “My first thought when I received the vase was that this was really beautiful, but as I started to turn around the vase I realized there was something more going on. I could see faces in the vase. And not just anyone’s faces, I could see my children’s faces, my face and Nick’s face too.”

Fahz totally takes the cake on gift innovation. We’re already imagining all the fahz-ibilities! We’re thinking we could gift these at weddings, with the bride and groom’s profiles, or birthdays, with a child’s profile at different ages.

Desbiens Design Research just successfully completed a Kickstarter to fund Fahz, so seeing your face in a vase could happen sooner than you think. Be sure to check the Fahz website for updates on how you can get your very own fahz.

Would you want to give or receive a fahz as a gift? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t 3dprint.com, photos and video via Fahz)