While we鈥檙e a little sad that the days of pool parties and tropical cocktails are behind us, we are starting to get super pumped for fall. While the leaves may be shedding their layers, this is the season where we finally get to add some more on. Like jackets. Remember those? Cooler weather is coming, but don鈥檛 think the change in seasons means our wardrobe has to now consist only of blacks and browns. Here are 30 fun, floral looks to make you fall in love with autumn.

1. Ecote Frances Mini Bubble Dress ($69): Fall foliage can be so pretty sometimes we just want to wrap ourselves up in it. With this dress you kind of can!

2. Show Me Your Mumu ($172): This flowing onesie will look awesomely autumnal with a cool hat, high heels or a statement necklace. And maybe a cardigan ;)

3. Giovanna Dress ($88): There is so much to love about this dress we almost don鈥檛 know where to start. Dress it up for work with high heels or wear it to the park with a simple pair of flats.

4. Melise Dress ($68): Sadly Girls isn鈥檛 coming back until next year. If you鈥檙e seriously missing Jessa and her free-spirit ways channel her with this flowing dress and colored tights combo. We might also suggest some fashion tape for that neckline.

5. Luck Be a Lady Dress ($80): Class things up with this sophisticated frock. It would be perfect for school presentations, looking professional at that internship and even at Thanksgiving dinner with the new boyfriend鈥檚 family.

6. I Wanna Be Adorned Jacket ($100): For those bad gals who have a tough exterior, but are secretly total softies.

7. Glamorous Rose Organza Bomber Jacket ($56): This sheer zip up is the perfect fix for those 鈥渘ot quite summer, not quite fall鈥 kind of nights. Slip it on over a simple slip dress and let the floral print do all the talking.

8. Roxy Floral Chiffon ($67): Save the drama for your鈥 wait, what are we saying? Don鈥檛 save it, embrace it. This romper with a plunging neckline and train definitely has a lot going on but with some confidence, we know you鈥檒l rock it.

9. Rose Textured Midi Skirt ($96): Welcome autumn with a cheerful embrace. Okay, and a new p/leather jacket.

10. MSGM Floral Bomber ($739): James Dean ain鈥檛 got nothin鈥 on you, kid. We鈥檒l admit this definitely isn鈥檛 the cheapest bomber but it鈥檚 a small price to pay to be the ultimate rebel without a cause.

11. Flower Power Pants ($54): Flowers find their way onto dresses and skirts all the time, but pants always seem to get the short end of the stick. Go against the grain and make a statement in these vibrant cropped pants.

12. Flower Skater Dress ($95): If you鈥檙e sick of the classic floral motif, here鈥檚 an adorable option with a print that鈥檚 a little simpler and more sophisticated.

13. Wild Flower Anorak ($74): With a rain coat as cute as this, you鈥檒l be praying for some wet weather.

14. Emma Cook Kaftan Dress ($478): Rock this dress to dinner and eat all the bread rolls you want. Food babies are sneakily hidden under the relaxed cut and busy print.

15. Frolic in Floral Romper ($42): If you鈥檙e over on the West Coast you know full well that fall can still feel a whole lot like summer at times. Rock this romper for an easy breezy look in the daytime and pop on a denim jacket in the evening.

16. Closet Midi Skater Dress ($91): Never before has business been so botanical. The cut and colors of this dress are totally office appropriate without boring your fashion conscience to tears.

17. Reclaimed Vintage Skirt ($65): Oh, how we do love a good matching set. A duo with a simple silhouette like this is a subtle way to try out the trend.

18. Minimum Floral Patterned Top ($42): While this boxy top is monochromatic, it鈥檚 anything but boring. Add in some color with a bright necklace or fun lipstick.

19. Love Moschino Short Sleeved Swing Coat ($251): Twiggy? Is that you? This super sweet pastel coat sends us right back the swingin鈥 鈥60s.

20. Blooming Floral Print Dress ($23): Autumn date night, here you come. From the beanie to the motorcycle jacket, this look is styled to perfection.

21. Textured Floral Mirror Print Dress ($67): If you鈥檙e not feeling the vintage vibes, head straight for the future with this spacey digital print.

22. Casual Sweet Floral Print Blouse ($20): Simple, darling and perfect for pretty much any occasion.

23. Vintage Floral Crop Sweatshirt ($33): The rumors are true: You can be cozy and cute all at once!

24. Lynsey Monochrome Floral Trouser ($22): It doesn鈥檛 take much to see how crazy we are for color here at Brit + Co, but we would slip into these monochrome trousers to sport the trend in a subtler fashion. They would also look amazing with a fun colored top. Just sayin鈥

25. Floral Chiffon Skirt ($20): Who needs a garden when you can wear one?

26. Popover Mixed Floral Top ($178): Versatile is this baby鈥檚 middle name. Wear it with jeans and loafers for Sunday brunch or with slacks and pumps for a business meeting.

27. Autumn Floral Leggings ($135): We鈥檙e going to wear leggings as pants 鈥 and you know what? It鈥檚 going to look awesome! Prove this look is one you could wear from errands to the office and out again in a dreamy floral print.

28. SACHIN & BABI聽Facet Dress ($495): Winter wedding coming up? Be the cutest guest in attendance with this charming piece. I mean just look at those sheer stripes!

29. Embroidered Sweatshirt ($29): If you鈥檙e not totally sure about going full floral, here鈥檚 a great way to get your feet wet. Pair this with a collared button down and a pair of cropped jeans for a sweet autumn look.

30. Velvet Skinny Jeans ($98): Velvet? Check. Florals? Check. Butterflies?! Check. Fall, you can鈥檛 come quick enough!

What floral fashion are you rocking this season? Comment below and let us know!