Even though summer is officially upon us, it doesn’t mean we can’t still fuel your jacket fetish. Specifically, your bomber jacket fetish. Bomber jackets have an easygoing shape and completely up the cool factor of any outfit. And, if you keep up with fashion blogs and gossip rags, you’ll notice that every celebrity and style star is rocking one of these bad boys lately. From denim to leather, cotton to silk, get ready to fall in love with these 19 bomber jackets we picked out just for you.

1. Blue Floral Bomber Jacket ($56): You can never go wrong with a burst of floral print, and this jacket is proof. The electric blue color stands out beautifully on the black background and is sure to pump up the volume of your weekend look.

2. Leather Sleeve Bomber Jacket ($549): This classic bomber jacket has white leather sleeves and a zip-up front. And with ribbed, striped cuffs and side pockets, it’s both practical and stylish.

3. Eclectic Quilted Jacket ($21): Here’s one you can rock from your desk to dinner. The calming red and and silver colors combined with the quilted global print makes for a spot-on piece that your coworkers will lust after. And they’ll never know you snagged it for only $21!

4. Folkstitch Jacket ($125): For something a little less obvious, opt for this embroidered cutie. It basically doubles as a shirt when it’s all zipped up, eliminating the need for a fancy one underneath.

5. Varsity Logo Bomber Jacket ($48): Remember back in the ’90s when it was cool to wear sweatshirts with a company’s logo across the front? Well that trend is back, so let’s embrace it.

6. Chambray Bomber Jacket ($60): If you’re searching for a modern twist on your classic denim jacket, look no further.

7. Soft Floral Bomber Jacket ($88): Show your patriotic pride with this red, white and blue bomber. It may not be adorned with stars and stripes, but anything floral is perfection in our eyes.

8. Long Printed Bomber Jacket ($70): This longer version of a bomber jacket is as versatile as it gets. You can rock it like a blazer or wear it as an oversized, boyfriend jacket.

9. Tropical Printed Bomber Jacket ($60): Get flirty with this tropical print pick. Just because you can’t take a vacay to Hawaii doesn’t mean you can’t wear your desire to travel on your sleeve (literally).

10. Matelassé Bomber Jacket ($449): As the name suggests, this woven jacket is anything but ordinary. The faded blue and white stripes coupled with arches and angles make for a truly unique piece.

11. Quilted Bomber ($512): This one reminds us of our doodle-filled high school notebooks. While it’s technically a floral print jacket, it’s unlike any other we’ve ever seen.

12. Sonoita Bomber Jacket ($149): This printed canvas bomber jacket is both comfortable and chic. The global print screams fun while the silhouette remains classic.

13. Floral Spice Cropped Bomber Jacket ($420): If bold statements are your thing, then this vibrant, cropped bomber is just what you need.

14. Floral Printed Bomber Jacket ($50): Go casual with this charming little jacket. The stylish shape and print will enhance any look, whether it’s a tee and jeans or a LWD (little white dress).

15. Street Sweet Bomber Jacket ($26): If you could get a varsity letter in gardening, we think it would look a little something like this.

16. Scarf Print Bomber Jacket ($155): This neoprene bomber is modern, sophisticated and smart.

17. White Marble Bomber Jacket ($230): Before this sweet thing came along, we had never seen such a striking print on an outerwear piece.

18. Contrast Quilted Bomber Jacket ($36): Pretty in pink, indeed. This soft piece just became our new favorite sweatshirt and jacket.

19. Embroidered Bomber Jacket ($396): In case you needed another reason to love Mara Hoffman prints, this embroidered pick is rockin’ hot neonsand crazy cool patterns.

Are you loving the bomber jacket trend, too? Tell us how you rock yours in the comments below or on Facebook.