We can’t help it. Autumn is one of our favorite seasons. We love everything about fall, from pumpkins and bold colors to cozy sweaters and hot drinks. Fall flowers are all about warm colors like burnt orange, reds and fuchsia, as well as bringing in more unusual natural elements like branches, leaves, feathers and even fruits and veggies. Whether you’re planning a fall wedding or just looking for ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner table, we’ve got 19 unique flower arrangements to inspire you.

1. Fall Inspired Tabletop: Add several different heights and shapes of vases on the table to add visual interest. Instead of going with a bold tablecloth, consider sticking to white and using bright orange flowers to add all the color. (via Design Love Fest)

2. Low and Bold: Who doesn’t love a succulent tucked into a bouquet? Keeping the flower display low like this bowl bouquet makes it easier to have a conversation during dinner. (via Twig and Twine Design)

3. Sunflower Bride: Simple and rustic, those yellow sunflowers will definitely banish the stress of the day. This bouquet has a country vintage feel with beautiful flowers and leaves in reds, oranges and yellows for a very autumnal feel. (via Flyaway Bride)

4. Antique Roses: Keep the roses white or peach and then add extra color with bright red and blue berries and different bunches of leaves. Partially bleached hydrangeas add a pretty, vintage feel to the bouquet, too. via Apple Brides)

5. Golden Accents: Use metallic vases and bowls for your fall flowers to really bring out a golden glow. (via Elizabeth Ann Designs)

6. Vibrant Chic: You don’t often see black in flowers, making these anemones especially striking. Group them together with maple leaves, black dahlias and chocolate cosmos for a darker, moodier bouquet. (via Santa Barbara Chic)

7. Dahlia Love: Dahilas are amazing fall flowers because they come in such bold colors and such interesting shapes, from tight little honeycombs to huge, spiky blooms. (via Apple Brides)

8. Dramatic Purples: Deep rich purples and reds, pumpkins, gourds, even crisp leaves are all perfect elements for a fall bouquet. (via Storyboard Wedding)

9. Southwestern Fall: A fall wedding is an amazing opportunity to play around with rich colors and fun textures. Embrace all kinds of natural materials like branches and feathers for extra personality. (via Ruffled)

10. DIY Floral Centerpiece: If you want some tips on how to create a stunning fall arrangement, get some ideas from this helpful DIY! Learn how to layer different flowers and branches to make an elegant composition. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

11. Green and Spiky: Rather than depending on flowers for scent, use eucalyptus branches for a pretty blue-green color that also provides a wintery, spicy scent. (via Homey Oh My)

12. 60 Second Bouquet: No matter how busy you are, you can make time for this simple bouquet. It also makes a great last-minute gift if you need to grab something for a hostess. (via Paper and Stitch)

13. Harvest Gold: The fiesta atmosphere brings together a perfect combination of bright oranges, greens and purples to make a bouquet that really pops. (via Inspired by This)

14. Autumn Pinks: Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of orange and yellow. The peachy-pink roses, pink cosmos and faded gladioli create a gorgeous, blushing union. (via Swooned)

15. Succulent Success: Fall bouquets aren’t all ruffles and roses. If you want something a little more sleek and modern, get inspiration from this succulent and cactus combo. The yellow gold bowl really gives the whole bouquet a fall feeling. (via Hello Love Blog)

16. Pink and Orange: Lots of greenery balances out the bold pinks and oranges in this full bouquet. The berries also add a fun pop of color and texture. (via Elizabeth Ann Designs)

17. Orange and Evergreen: Skip the flowers altogether and just use fruit like oranges and berries for added color. (via Storyboard Wedding)

18. Cabbage Roses: Who would have thought cabbages could look so pretty and frilly! Since fall is all about celebrating the harvest, it is a cool idea to incorporate some unusual veggies or fruit into fall arrangements. (via Apple Brides)

19. Experiment With Foliage: Pomegranates and artichokes are classic fall; they can be pretty big, so they’re a great way to add lots of body to a bigger bouquet or large centerpiece. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

What are your favorite fall flowers? Talk to us in the comments below!