There’s a lot to love about fall. The tame weather, the vibrant foliage, the abundance of upcoming holidays. Only one thing could make this season even better… a wedding! We’ve already shared Pantone’s favorite fall colors with you, and now it’s time to put them into action. In our opinion, colors are like cookies: the more the merrier. Make your autumn wedding a vibrant affair with these 12 eye-popping color palettes.

1. Bold Meets Soft: This palette isn’t so much about a distinct set of colors but rather an eye-catching idea. Take soft, subtle shades like cream or pale blue and pair them with heavily pigmented dark hues like burgundy or plum. When the bold and soft tones come together, it creates a vibrant yet balanced look. (via Wedding Chicks)

2. Berry Tones: Cranberry, fuschia and violet are all fair game with this simply scrumptious scheme. This rich palette is a dramatic choice, and considering these shades look good on basically every skin tone, we don’t think you’re going to hear any complaints from the bridal party. (via Intimate Weddings)

3. Orange + Gray + Yellow: Summer meets fall with these bright, citrus-inspired colors. Neutralize all the brightness with a touch of gray. Just think how amazing these shades will look under golden fall foliage. (via Ruffled and Style Me Pretty)

4. Teal + Espresso: This bright shade of blue will contrast with changing leaves in the prettiest way possible. Add an element of richness with a dark shade of brown that will offset the blue. Keep things smooth with ivory accents or incorporate gold for a shimmery pop. (via Cooking Pleasure and Heart Love Always)

5. Navy + Gold: Initially navy might seem like a bland choice, but pair it with a shimmery gold and the two create a nautical elegance that will work great both indoors and out. (via Wedding Chicks and Southern Weddings)

6. Orange + Purple: Orange is the unofficial color of fall. If you want to be festive but not over-the-top, balance things out with a rich shade of purple or plum. (via The Brides Cafe and The Bridal Guide)

7. Metallics: Can’t pick just one shimmery shade? Go for them all. These shiny hues have such a magical way of adding an elegance to mundane objects. If you need a little inspiration, check out the above tablescape. With the exception of the china and centerpieces, everything was purchased at The Dollar Store or a craft store. We’re not even lying about that. (via The Perfect Palette)

8. Scarlet + Navy + Eggshell: Sophisticated and understated, this scheme is oozing with class. We see this palette thriving in a classic setting like a library or museum ceremony. (via Wedding Ideas Mag and Fab You Bliss)

9. Cranberry + Green + Ivory: This combo screams romance. The soft green and ivory make the cranberry burst with saturation. If you’re looking for colors to evoke a fairytale vibe, consider them found. (via The Perfect Palette and Magnolia Rouge)

10. Velvet Tones: This palette is similar to the berry tones, but with a darker edge. Take inspiration from the lush, mysterious shades of velvet. Red, mauve, emerald and plum will turn your wedding into a glamorous feast for the eyes. (via Burnett’s Boards and The Knot)

11. Pink + Orange: These hot shades of pink and orange might commonly be thought of as summer colors, but they’ll work just as well in an autumn ceremony as they do at a pool party. Under the bright orange and yellow trees, this classic duo will make everything incredibly vibrant and utterly delectable. (via Frosted Petticoat)

12. Blush + Copper + Sage: With the abundance of warm colors happening around you this autumn, cool things off with a blush, sage and copper combo. If your wedding is slated toward the tail end of fall, this frosty palette is a great way to introduce the upcoming winter season. (via The Bridal Detective)

Which color combo stands out the most to you? Are you planning an autumn wedding? Which colors are you choosing?