The air is turning colder, and we’re thinking maybe it’s time to update our laptops and smartphones with snazzy new fall-themed views. Fall is the perfect season to be a little spontaneous and try that new vampy hue of lipstick or take advantage of cold weather to tackle a creative project you’ve been dying to try. Fill up these amazing autumn days by organizing your office, making hearty soups or teaching yourself an awesome new skill. And while you’re celebrating the season, go ahead and plaster some fabulously fall-ish wallpapers on your phone and computer. Get ready to fall in love with fall, y’all.


1. Foiled Leaf: Greet the new season with a smile. We’ll take some elegant hand lettering in gold foil, pretty please. (via Smitten on Paper)


2. Pumpkin Spice: This desktop sums up the entire season in one delicious theme flavor. (via Pish and Posh Design Studio)


3. Get Crafty: Colder weather is the perfect excuse to stay inside and get your DIY on. Start the inspiration process with this artsy background filled with art supplies of all kinds. (via Three Cheers)


4. Glitter Fall: Glitter is always a good idea. Those big sloping letters might just inspire you to try a calligraphy class this year! (via Brand Me Beautiful)


5. Big Cups: We’re on board — as long as those big cups are filled with some life-giving coffee or tea. (via Design Love Fest)


6. Falling Leaves: ‘Tis the season for jumping into piles of leaves. The best part about this leaf storm is you won’t have to break out the rake. So let ’em fall. (via Victoria Bilsborough)


7. Chalkboard Beginnings: We’ll never say no to a chalkboard desktop, especially one that’s as pretty as this one. (via Mavenly + Co)


8. Retro Pots: Just because summer is over doesn’t mean your reign as Queen of the Green Thumb needs to end. Keep the plant vibes alive with this cool download of retro plants. (via Mollie Makes)


9. Black and Gold: Big blooms across a black background make for a stunning view when you log on at work in the morning. (via Designs by Miss Mandee)


10. Watercolor Birds: The weather means birds are flying south, except for a few watercolor pelicans that just want to come chill on your laptop. (via The House That Lars Built)


11. Shades of Swirls: Swirling gray skies are the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book… or movie… and popcorn, obviously. (via Red Stamp)


12. Art Supply: Get your creativity flowing every day with an inspirational quote and some cheery watercolor splashes. (via Design Milk)


13. Snakes and Ladders: If leaves and PSLs are too cliched for you and your tech, we’re offering up these sneaky pink snakes. (via


14. Minty Fresh: Red and orange leaves not your favorite color palette? Stick to cool mint and a banner that just wants to make your day better. (via Designer Blogs)


15. Lovely: It doesn’t matter the season: Love is always on trend. (via My Baby Olive Juice)


16. Dainty Flowers: Just because wildflower season is over doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your favorite blooms. (via Curio)


17. Rain and Coffee: One of the absolute best things about cold weather is warm coffee and snuggle time, whether it’s with your pooch or your boo. (via Cocorrina)


18. Sweet Succulents: Not ready to let go of those summery shades? Why not perk up your desktop with some seriously bright succulent leaves? (via Sarah Hearts)


19. Hustle Harder: Hello, hustle. A new season is a great reason to learn a new skill, like coding or weaving. (via Enthralling Gumption)


20. Ever Watchful: It’s easy to get overwhelmed and jealous of what other people are doing (hello, Instagram). Let this golden eye remind you to keep your eye on your own work and stay true to your creative vision. (via A Girl Named PJ)


21. Blue Swatches: What’s not to love about winter weather with those dark clouds and gold glitter? Oh wait, we’re just staring dreamily at this desktop view. (via Design Love Fest)

Which is your favorite desktop download? Tell us what your tech is wearing in the comments below!