All phone carriers do basically the same thing: make sure you can communicate with the outside world on your phone. So if you’re in the market for a new service provider, it may feel a bit like staggering into the arena blind. How can a mere mortal know exactly what they’re getting in a data plan? But have no fear, we’ll lead you through this.


According to a recent test, Verizon took top honors for reliability, speed, data, calling and texting. AT&T came in second for everything except calls; Sprint came in second for that round. Another, completely different test named T-Mobile the fastest network for download speeds. But Verizon still won for availability of 4G and reliability.

However, one of the biggest factors in determining a carrier is price. Even though Verizon may seem the clear-cut winner for best carrier, their plans come at a price. The cheapest plan starts at $35 for 2GB of data and unlimited talk and text, although the value gets better as you add on more phones to a family plan.

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(h/t CNET, Photo via Getty)