Everyone knows burgers are a gift to the food world, but did you know they’re also a gift to the art world, too? Neither did we… until now, that is. Two French graphic designers have created a series of luxurious, outlandish and totally real burgers as a part of a series called “Fat + Furious Burger.”

Thomas and Quentin skillfully mixed the art of a gorgeous hamburger with unique backgrounds, themes and styles in each of their photos. They even gave their incredible pictures amazingly awesome titles such as “The Beerger,” a hybrid beer + burger combo, and “The Birthger,” a beautiful hamburger birthday cake.

Some pictures will make you tilt your head in confusion, while others will leave you cracking up all day. No matter which one you look at or what you think of the series, there’s no denying it’s got an incredible cool factor. Works of art made of burgers that are 100% edible? So epic! Their creativity blew us out of the water, and now we’re never going to be able to look at a burger the same way again. Keep scrolling for more amazingly awesome shots from the “Fat + Furious Burger” series.

What’s your take on these fat and furious burgers? Have you ever seen food featured as such awesome works of art? Talk to us in the comments below.

(h/t Design Boom and Fat + Furious Burger)