If you’re looking for a fun gift to give Dad this Father’s Day, making these mini pizza pies will surely have him cheesin’! This dessert is super quick to whip up too, so if you’ve been a procrastinator this year on gifts, this is the perfect solution. Serve these and some bourbon bacon red velvet donuts, and you’ll have yourself two of the most Dad-worthy treats on Father’s Day!



— mini pie crusts

— vanilla pudding

— yellow food coloring

— red fondant

— yellow sprinkles

— mini pizza boxes


— small spoon

— knife



1. Using the yellow food coloring, color the vanilla pudding.

2. Scoop the vanilla pudding into the pie tin using a small spoon.

3. Sprinkle yellow sprinkles over the top of the pudding to resemble cheese.

4. With your red fondant, cut out small circles for pepperoni and place those on top of the pies.

5. Finish off by writing a phrase on the mini pizza boxes and place the pizza pies inside.


Make sure not to fill the pie tins too much or else you won’t be able to see the crust on the sides.


If you don’t have yellow sprinkles, you can also color coconut flakes yellow with food coloring to resemble cheese.


You can add “peppers” and “mushrooms” too by using different colors of fondant.


Your dad is going to love this gift with every pizza his heart!


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