Like Netflix and crystals, there are some things that have the power to make any home happier, and the faux fur furniture trend is most definitely one of ’em. What makes this style so special, you might wonder? Well, perhaps it’s how faux fur adds more whimsy to an eclectic aesthetic, more glamor to a luxurious look or more cozy to… anything. Then again, it could also be its limitless capacity for uber-chic upgrades and DIY projects. In other words, there’s so much that makes this home decor trend great, it’s impossible to pinpoint any one thing. So do yourself a solid by bringing some luxe faux fur into your nest.


1. Southwest Fur: Faux fur needn’t be all glitz and glam. If you’re like the many of us who are jumping on board with the desert-chic trend this year, it can be a perfect complement to a Southwestern style. (via Amber Interiors)


2. Glam Comfort: Like we said, faux fur doesn’t need to be glitzy, but it sure does it well. If your aesthetic has romantic leanings, consider a furry throw for a pop of luxurious comfort. (via Style at Home)


3. Cozy Home Office: Sure, your home office is meant for getting down to business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little (or a lot) playful with its style. In fact, a little faux fur thrown into the mix just might be the creative stimulation you need to get through the dreaded afternoon slump. (via Bliss at Home)


4. DIY Faux Fur Bench: This bench is all kinds of pretty, and it also happens to be a surprisingly simple DIY project. If you have any rundown benches, chairs or ottomans lying around in your abode, give them new life with a furry makeover. (via Apartment Therapy)


5. Urban Outfitters Faux Lamb Fur Throw Blanket ($179): The cold days of winter can be nothing short of oppressive. Rather than lament forced hibernation, make the most of it by stepping up your cozy game with a soft and furry throw.


6. Chic and Sophisticated: If you prefer the Scandi-style minimalism that’s become so popular, but still aim for a chic impression, then try on a little fur for size. Punctuating your look with a fur accent or two will add visual intrigue without unnecessary clutter. (via The Design Chaser)


7. Minimal Office: Here’s another example of how faux fur can enhance a minimalist aesthetic. Keep your office simple and clean but add plenty of personality by way of fluffy enhancements. (via IKEA)


8. Furry Pouf: The magic that a pouf ottoman can bring to a room is no secret. But a pouf combined with faux fur? That’s on a whole new level. Whether you tuck yours under the table or use it as extra seating, it’ll give any space a little more texture. (via The Lo Down)


9. Glam Ottoman: Ummm yes, please! This faux fur ottoman is all kinds of chic. Adding a fancy tray to the top of yours will blend high style with utility and ensure everyone walks into your room with a smile. (via Haute Off the Rack)


10. RHTeen Tye Kashmir Faux Fur Butterfly Chair ($269): Have a room that could use something a little soft and sweet? Well, here you go. From the living room to the boudoir, this blush chair will make any corner of your home a little more comfortable.


11. Mix and Match: Faux fur matches everything — even other fur. Mix and match colors to complement your decor palette for an unexpected but oh-so-stylish twist. (via Haute Off the Rack)


12. Eclectic Lovin’: If you’re an eclectic style enthusiast, you don’t need to be reminded of the extra somethin’ faux fur can bring to a look. But just in case you forgot, a little fluff will take any multi-faceted style from good to great in no time. (via Home Polish)


13. All-White Everything: Opting for an all-white bedroom filled with faux fur is the closest any of us will be to sleeping on a cloud. And it also provides the perfect blank canvas for just a pop of bold color. (via Lindsay Marcella)


14. Mix Textures: With organic materials and velvet making waves this season, it’s prime time to play with fur too. And, as it turns out, putting them all together in one room can be nothing short of stunning. (via Erika Brechtel)


15. Basic Warmth: Some of us find our sanest selves in a room filled with nothing but simplicity. If that sounds like you, try bringing in some black and white faux fur for visual interest without creating too much noise. (via Kate Young)

16. Just a Touch: You don’t need to go fur-crazy to make an impact. As this whimsical room showcases, just a little can go a long way in terms of punctuating an overall look.

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(Header photo via Erika Brechtel)