The rise of the Instagram poet is real; so real, in fact, that wordsmith women can spur discussions about tough topics, write best-selling books, and have built big enough followings to take their show on the road with jam-packed tours. To celebrate their raw and beautiful written words, we’ve put together a list of seven inspiring poets’ accounts to start following ASAP.

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1. Rupi Kaur: If there’s one writer whose name is synonymous with Insta-poetry, it’s Kaur, whose words and illustrations have catapulted her to the kind of fame that has resulted in bestselling books and sold-out international tours. Her feed of alternating words, portraits, and photos of places she visits around the globe gives her followers a glimpse into what the life of an adored writer who beautifully triumphs over pain and struggle is really like.

2. Alex Elle: Elle’s posts are powerfully spirited; her followers seem to appreciate the reminders to love and care for themselves as well as the people around them. Her encouraging words about worthiness are especially perfect for people plagued by impostor syndrome or anyone suffering from self-doubt.

3. Nayyirah Waheed: It’s no surprise that the beautiful writer behind Salt boasts well over half a million followers. We love how Waheed’s simple lines get right to the heart of whatever she’s thinking about — whether it’s about fear, love, time, or intimacy. Her poems also often include subtle suggestions to promote health and happiness.

4. Lang Leav: Leav, an international best-selling author who was born in a Thai refugee camp and grew up in Australia, pens both novels and poems. Her handful of books and other written work have earned her more than a million fans around the world and close to half a million IG followers. Alternating between poetry, prose, and pictures, her Instagram feed thoughtfully explores ideas around love, loss, and female empowerment.

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-Type of love

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5. Natalie Jeanty: Jeanty and her husband Pierre are both poets, which we can only imagine spurs some magical thinking and conversations at home. Look to Jeanty for themes of strength, acceptance, and resilience, especially on a tough day. Her words prove that moving past hurts is not only possible but also part of growing as a person.

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6. Simi Fromen: Fromen writes her poems with the unique perspective of a self-worth and mindset coach who harnesses the feel-good powers of yoga to battle anxiety and depression. It comes as no surprise that her words help humble her readers, while many of her posts spark reminders to forgive oneself and others. Fromen also advocates for freedom and light by centering on self-care and self-love. Tap into her feed if when you’re feeling stressed, overworked, or burned out.

7. Cleo Wade: You might’ve seen Wade’s words in big-time ads for Nike and Gucci, but her positivity-fueled mantras extend far beyond branding and celebrity besties (we see you, Katy Perry and Reese Witherspoon). In fact, Wade’s current tour speaks exactly to what she aims to do with her work: Helping her readers build a braver connection with themselves and their communities. Follow this gifted speaker, artist, and author for an uplifting focus on femininity and raw honesty.

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