You’re ready to take your family from two to three. And, the baby-making? Well, that’s supposed to be the easy part. But, then — it’s not. Apparently, the old fashioned way of getting preggo is a no-go for you and your future baby-daddy. That’s okay. That tiny little computer that you keep in your purse (in other words, your cell phone) and a few other awesomely amazing electronics can help you to conceive. Check out these ways that technology can give your fertility a boost!

pregnant technology

1. Ava ($199): Bring on the bracelets. You’re in love with your Fitbit, and would wear it every second of every day if you could. It monitors how many steps you’re taking and so, so, so much more. Now that you’re ready for baby time, you can trade your fitness monitoring bracelet for one that lets you know when it’s time to conceive. The Ava bracelet is worn during the night and measures your breathing, body temperature, resting pulse rate, perfusion (blood moving to your body’s tissues), skin temperature, movement and bioimpedance (resistance of the body’s tissues to electric voltages). It tracks your ovulation and gives you your five most fertile days — every month, in real time.

2. Glow (free, iOS and Android): You have an app on your phone for just about every aspect of your life: one for shopping, one to fix pictures, one to track your appointments and about 45 different ones to keep in touch with friends. So, what’s one more (especially if it will help you get pregnant)? Glow is a top-rated app that tracks your fertility, includes a calendar function, has a daily health log, offers health insights and even shares each step with your partner (should he choose to connect to the app as well).

3. Trak ($160, starting in October 2016): Conception isn’t all on you. It takes two to make a baby, and sometimes it’s the guy who needs the help. Trak’s recently FDA-approved system lets the future father of your child track (obviously, by the name) his sperm count. Pair it with their free Android app for the full-on sperm counting experience. This allows your guy to figure out when he’s most fertile and learn about healthy habits that might actually improve your chances.

4. Yono ($150): It’s an in-ear ovulation predictor. Huh? Isn’t that kind of the wrong part of the body when it comes to baby-making? Well, yeah. But, this wearable tech is actually a BBT (basal body temperature) thermometer. It helps to predict when you’ll ovulate, letting you know when the right time to conceive is.

5. Tempdrop ($100, starting Christmastime 2016): It’s another wearable! This one fits over your arm — while you sleep. It connects to your smartphone or tablet, syncing your basal temperature data with your device. It’s compatible with several iOS and Android apps, such as OvuView (this one is Android only), Menstrual Calendar, Kindara, MyDays/MyDays X — Ovulation and Period Tracker and Ovulation Calendar Ladytimer.

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