Have you ever stopped to think about the gender distribution in your family? Maybe all your cousins are boys or you only have sisters, but none of us really think about boys vs. girls, do we? The Idaho-based Underdahl family sure didn’t… That is, until mom Ashton and her husband Scott welcomed their cute-as-a-button second child — and first daughter — Aurelia, on April 12.

Coeur D’Alene Press reports that Ashton didn’t know the gender of her baby, and she just assumed she was having a second boy. When the baby arrived and the shock wore off, her father-in-law (also parent of four sons) did some digging to find out when the last girl was born to the Underdahls. He was surprised to find only one girl, born in 1914 and named Bernice. That’s right: The Underdahl family just welcomed their first girl in 112 years. It looks like this little babe is going to be spoiled as the family explores all things baby girl from here on out.

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(h/t BuzzFeed. Featured Image via Getty)