What if you could shop in a store where everything fit you perfectly? No more ordering the wrong size or seeing a dress online that looks drop dead gorg on the model but fits you wayyy differently. It’s time to get rid of the frustration that comes with the assumption that everyone has the same body type… and we’re not talking about custom-fit jeans or fashion that’s designed by you for you. We’re talking about shopping 400 brands (think: Madewell, Marc Jacobs, Anthropologie and more of your faves) with over two million garment choices, all designed to fit YOUR body. Intrigued? We thought you would be.

Fitbay is your own personalized online store where everything is your size. All you have to do is take 30 seconds to sign up. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s useful. The sign-up is super fast and you can even use Facebook to expedite the process. If you don’t want to sync up your social media, just type in your email address, name and gender, then pick a username and password. After that, you answer five questions about your body type: Height, weight, body shape, arm length and torso length. From there, it’s smooth sailing. Fitbay will search through its massive database and select anything and everything that matches your criteria.

A really cool feature of Fitbay is the social network aspect they call “Body Doubles.” If you want to, you can connect with other users who have the same body shapes. By following these “doubles,” you can access their virtual wardrobe and vise-versa.

Fitbay is made to explore clothing that fits. The Discover page is filled with pics of clothing in a Pinteresty format. Each piece is chosen based on the brand’s fit — but it will also appear in your feed if a body double already owns it (even if you’re not following her). On each garment, you can choose “like” or “not for me,” depending on your taste. You can also add comments and read others’ advice on the fit of the item. In your profile, you can add items that you already own (and the size you own them in) and items that are on your wish list. Besides being useful, it’s completely fun and totally addictive. As with most custom shopping sites, the more info you enter, the more personalized the experience will be.

We love that you can discover bigtime and local and global brands based upon your fit and taste. How cool is it that you can only shop for pieces you know will fit? That’s something we can get behind. While Fitbay is still in beta, it’s already being utilized by users across the world. So what are you waiting for? Get rid of online shopping frustrations and sign up STAT.

Will you use Fitbay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!