How many times have we all gone shopping (online or off) only to lay eyes on the would-be-perfect piece we鈥檇 love to buy if only we could change a thing or two about it? Maybe the silhouette isn鈥檛 flattering or the color and print aren鈥檛 to our liking. Or maybe the embellishments are just a bit too over-the-top or understated.

Enter Tinker Tailor, a one-of-a-kind luxury shopping site that lets you customize designer clothing or create from-scratch looks that match your own unique vision. Whether you鈥檙e searching for the perfect evening dress, a show-stopping wedding gown or even an ultra-chic top, Tinker Tailor promises couture looks custom-designed to flatter every woman who wears them.

Getting started is super easy. Tinker Tailor鈥檚 homepage highlights which designers the site is partnering with, along with how much longer various partnerships will last. Current designers include Tata Naka, Vivienne Westwood, Preen, Rodarte, Marchesa Bridal and Alberta Ferretti. Awesome so far, right?

Simply click on a designer鈥檚 name to check out the customizable looks available, and then, once you鈥檝e found an item you love, follow the on-screen prompt to select a silhouette, pick your fabric and add embellishments and finishings. AMAZE!

If the designer looks don鈥檛 happen to wow you, the site also features a tool that allows any fashionista to design her own Tinker Tailor-branded dress, skirt or top by choosing from a variety of house-designed silhouettes or by building one piece-by-piece. Once you鈥檝e got the silhouette ready to go, you can further customize by selecting the fabric type and pattern, along with embellishments and finishings like a collar or beaded waistband.

Even if you don鈥檛 quite feel like designing your own item, Tinker Tailor鈥檚 online shop showcases house-designed pieces, along with designer jewelry, shoes and handbags ideal for dressing up any outfit, whether custom-crafted or not.

Being luxury pieces, most items on Tinker Tailor are priced anywhere from the mid-hundreds into the thousands. But if you鈥檙e after high-end fashion, it鈥檚 worth a look! Be sure to check out The Thread, Tinker Tailor鈥檚 online magazine, and get ready for their forthcoming app too. With custom-designed styles gaining momentum, we can鈥檛 wait to see what else Tinker Tailor comes out with.

Would you shop Tinker Tailor to create a luxe look that鈥檚 all your own? Which designers would you love to see the site partner with? Tell us below!