Winter is nearing its end, and with that comes the glorious spring season. With everything in bloom, floral eye candy is popping up in our gardens and at parks around town. We’ve got flowers on the mind, so today we’ve teamed up with Triscuit to help you welcome the season with spring-themed party ideas chock full of blooms and delicious treats. Floral attire is a must at this shindig, as are a bellini or two :) For the finishing touch, we’ve got three Triscuit appetizers topped with simple ingredients that will keep you coming back for more. Dare I say we didn’t have any left at the end of our shoot!


Triscuit + Serrano Ham + Manchego Cheese + Watermelon

This decadent appetizer is one part crunchy, two parts salty and one part sweet. And it couldn’t be better.



– Triscuit crackers

– serrano ham

– manchego cheese

– watermelon


Purchase the above ingredients and get making!


Start by tearing off a thin strip of serrano ham to fit onto your cracker. Then add a small piece of manchego cheese and a tiny bite of watermelon.


Who knew watermelon would go so well with cheese and ham?!

Triscuit + Brie Cheese + Fig Jam + Marcona Almonds

This flavor combination will leave an aftertaste you’ll want to keep forever.



– Triscuit crackers

– Brie cheese

– fig jam

– Marcona almonds


We went for goat cheese brie!


First try to cut a wedge of Brie cheese to add to your Triscuit. If your cheese is too gooey, just smear some on top. Then add a touch of fig jam for some sweetness, and finish off with a single marcona almond.


You’ll have a spring in your step after you eat a few of these!

Triscuit + Smoked Salmon + Avocado + Lemon Juice

A classic pairing of smoked salmon and avocado tastes light and fresh atop a Triscuit. Douse it with a squeeze of lemon to bring out the flavors.



– Triscuit crackers

– smoked salmon

– avocado

– lemon juice


Pop off the tip of the avocado to check on the color. If it’s bright green, your avocado is perfectly ripe.


Add some smoked salmon to your cracker, then top it with a small slice of avocado. Simply add a few drops of lemon to the top for a citrus kick.


Flavor-packed FTW! Triscuit crackers are made for more… and more they get with these amazing toppings. Not a fan of salmon? Not a problem. There are so many topping combinations that taste great with Triscuit. The possibilities are endless!

Floral Centerpiece

To amp up our theme, we made a floral centerpiece in pink hues.


Pick up some seasonal flowers and greens from a nearby market, some floral foam and a vase. Start out by soaking your foam. Next, add your greens, then your focal flowers and finally your fillers. Check out our Floral Design Class for more tips and tricks.


So pretty!

DIY Table Weights

Sometimes spring brings breezy weather, so to keep your tablecloth from blowing in the wind, use these DIY table weights.


Simply grab a two-inch diameter washer from a hardware store, then print out our donut printables and tape them on top.


Spring Garland

A floral garland is a must!


For this DIY, we got large flower pots and filled them with sand. Then we purchased two rods and had them cut to six and a half feet. We added eye hooks to the top, then strung flowers on twine and hung them between the eye hooks. Bury your rods in the sand to hold your garland up over the table. For extra cute points, get mini balloons that spell “spring,” and string them alongside the flowers.


Serve fairy bread and bellinis for a sweet finish. Your friends will just LOVE this little soirée.


We cut out our fairy bread with flower-shaped cookie cutters to go the extra mile.


Cheers to the warmer weather!


What else would you add to this spring soirée? Tweet us your ideas @BritandCo!

This post is a collaboration with Triscuit.

DIY Production and Styling: Roxy Taghavian and Anita Yung

Photography: Brittany Griffin
Modeling: Kelly Bryden, Marisa Kumtong, Victoria Haas, Paige Sager