This gown takes traditional floral “spring” style to a whole new level. A huge fan of Alexander McQueen, Jill from With Love & Embers worked with Tara from Splints & Daises to create an actual, wearable dress that was made out of flowers. And we’re not talking about a few petals sewn to a skirt. Inspired by the haute couture runways of Parisian fashion shows, the designers used armfuls of blooms to create a dress that was truly a living piece of art.


This dramatic showstopper actually feels like it’s flowing to the ground with wispy spirea and Russian sage. Looking like every dream spring wedding bouquet, ruffled hydrangeas add volume while roses and stems of stock add shades of fuchsia and purple. In her interview with Green Wedding Shoes, Jill comments that it was surreal to see the dress seemingly grow out of the ground while they were shooting.


Paired with simple makeup and big, messy hair, this dress looks like something straight out of a fairytale. But maybe we’ve just got princess-themed wedding gowns on the brain.


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(h/t Green Wedding Shoes)