Sometimes we can get in a rut with our makeup look – a dab of concealer, a touch of blush, and a swipe of lip balm might be your everyday routine. Sometimes, the same old, same old can get, well, kind of old. Are you looking to switch things up a bit, but not ready to go crazy in the color department? Then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these 13 simple, natural makeup looks to try when you’re not interested in looking like a rainbow.

1. Effortless + Dewy: The trick to getting a perfect nude look that always looks natural is to stick with a dewy finish. Swipe a natural brown onto your lids, add a berry color to the lips and top things off with a finishing spray for the perfect #iwokeuplikethis look. (via The Unpopular Blog)

2. Shimmery Eyes + Nude Lips: Trying out nude lips doesn’t mean breaking out your favorite concealer. Go for a pinky nude gloss to complement your shimmery eye shadow. (via Kontrol)

3. Natural Eyes + Pink Lip: Nude makeup doesn’t always mean a monotone color palette. If you’re going neutral on the lids, it’s okay to amp up the blush and add a brighter lip. (via Lulu*s)

4. Natural Look With A Pop: Add a pop of color to your otherwise natural look by finishing off with cranberry lips. Oh, and remember how we said that a dewy look is key? Well, here’s Exhibit B. (via Refinery29)

5. Plumped Nude Lip: Want perfect plump lips? (Don’t we all?) The Beauty Department shows you how to take your lips to the next level by using a highlighting pencil and a touch of gloss. (via The Beauty Department)

6. All Natural: Less. is. more. Especially in the makeup world. Sometimes all you need is blush and chapstick for the perfect no-makeup makeup look. (via Breakfast with Audrey)

7. Contoured + Highlighted: Highlight and contour in all the right places to achieve that chiseled look we’re all dying to have. Complete the look by pumping up the lashes and wearing your favorite lipstick. (via Pinterest)

8. A Darker Nude Lip: If you’re running late, ditch the eye makeup and opt for a darker nude lip that will make you look polished in a flash. Just ask Leighton Meester. (via Breakfast at Yurmans)

9. Natural Smokey Eye: Smokey eyes aren’t reserved for the grays and blacks. Use natural tones like brown and taupe to achieve a neutral, yet put-together vibe. Finish off with a nude lip for your next night out on the town. (via Pinterest)

10. Natural Golden: Complement your red tresses with a golden eye and matching lip color. It all just goes together so seamlessly. (via Piccsy)


11. The No-Makeup Look: The no-makeup look is something everyone should know how to do. All you need is a touch of concealer, a dash of mascara, and your favorite light pink gloss to pull it together. (via Brit + Co)

12. Bronzed + Blushed: Accentuate your cheekbones by using a darker blush and contouring with bronzer. Using a blush with brown undertones instead of red or pink makes for a naturally bronzed look that will make you look like you just stepped off the beach. (via Pinterest)

13. Flawless Foundation: If you don’t have perfect skin, no biggie! Follow this step-by-step for the ultimate flawless foundation to perfect your nude makeup look. (via Chloe Morello)

Are you one to go for bold colors or do you stick with natural makeup? We like a little bit of both. Talk to us in the comments below.