Long flights with young kids are equal parts obstacle course, emotional roller coaster and acrobatics show. It starts at Security, when you somehow manage to get your electronics and liquids out while folding the stroller while you’re half barefoot and Junior is trying to make a sprint past the metal detector.

That’s nothing compared to what’s coming. Once you’re on the plane and your little one is ready to crash, he or she will fidget around on the seat trying to get comfortable, but we all know they’re going to end up in a Karate Kid position sprawled on your lap. That results in poor sleep for Junior and no sleep for you, which is why a team of two moms invented Fly-Tot, the latest Kickstarter project to catch our eye.

Fly-Tot is an inflatable cushion that lets your wee one lay down flat on a regular economy class seat. Voilá!

If you have two kids, you can even set two Fly-Tots next to each other for the little ones to stretch out a little more.

Long-time friends Kathy and Winnie know all too well what long, sleepless flights with children are like. After moving to Asia from California with her family, Winnie started taking yearly flights back to the US, on which her two daughters would sleep a maximum of one or two hours at a time. Winnie designed the Fly-Tot with help from her husband, a mechanical engineer, and on the first flight the girls slept more than six hours. That made for a much smoother landing for everyone.

Fly-Tot is currently a prototype. The crowdfunding campaign is aiming to raise enough funds for it to go into production. This patent-pending work of genius will retail for $50, but you can get a special Kickstarter edition for $35 when you support the campaign. We can’t wait to get our hands on the Fly-Tot and put it to the test! Wait, technically it could work for “big kids,” too… right?!

Where would you jet off with your Fly-Tot? Start daydreaming in the comments below!