You agonize over picking just the right font for your resume, for the poster for your band鈥檚 gig, for鈥 your office decor? That鈥檚 exactly what HomeAdvisor, in conjunction with NeoMam Studios, did, creating seven mockups of gorgeous office spaces inspired by classic fonts. Who knew typography could be so chic?


鈥淔onts, much like great interior design, should inspire, and not overpower,鈥 Mike Nudelman, managing editor for NeoMam, tells Brit + Co. 鈥淭hey both also speak volumes about the personality of the designer. We found the two to be a natural and interesting combination.鈥

For example, the Helvetica-inspired space below has a minimalist, modern look. (See this font in Crate & Barrel鈥榮 logo and, yes, on your tax return). It鈥檚 brightened up, however, with primary colors for a warmer look. 鈥淔urniture should combine straight and curved lines,鈥 HomeAdvisor wrote. 鈥淭hink functional, clean, and fresh. The ideal place to focus and clear your workload.鈥


The fonts they used for inspiration include Helvetica, Futura, Baskerville, Bickham Script, Cooperville Black, Courier, and Comic Sans. And no, no Times New Roman.

鈥淲e chose seven fonts that we thought would appeal to a variety of personalities and that would translate interestingly into interior designs,鈥 Nudelman says. 鈥淲e wanted the results to be creative and inspiring, and Times New Roman just didn鈥檛 make the cut.鈥


Nudelman says the response to the designs has a been enthusiastic. 鈥淢ost people say that they鈥檝e never thought of looking to fonts as a source of home design inspiration until now. Maybe we鈥檒l explore other rooms in the home with a similar concept next time.鈥

We can鈥檛 wait.

Comic Sans

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(Photos via HomeAdvisor)