The holiday gifts are mostly purchased. Tunes are inspiring mini dance-offs in your living room and bite-sized sweets are cooling on the rack. That means it’s nearly time to start the countdown until Hanukkah, and this year we’re celebrating the Festival of Lights with these cute printables.

Ready for a fresh and modern take on the traditional Menorah this year? Then scroll on down the post below!

Menorah Tag for Hanukkah Gifts

Materials + Tools:



1. Print the gift tags on your sheet of paper.

2. Use the scissors to cut out each tag.

3. Create a hole using your hole puncher.

4. Decorate your gift with the menorah tag.


Once you’ve downloaded and printed our template on a sheet of paper or thick card stock, cut out each gift tag.

Then take your puncher and use it to create a hole on the top of each tag, as shown above. Lastly, thread a ribbon through the hole and use your cute menorah tag to decorate your gifts.


Also, don’t forget to add a personal message on the back of the card. Your beloved will be amazed!

Menorah Tag for Hanukkah Gifts
Menorah Tag for Hanukkah Gifts

What’s your favorite, unique way to complete your gift wrap? Do you have any creative menorah? Share your pictures with us on Instagram using the hashtag #iamcreative!