Are you a chronic over-buyer at the grocery store? And, by this, we’re asking: do you constantly have to clean out your fridge, tossing uneaten and spoiled foods in the trash because you didn’t get the chance to chow down on ‘em? If so, you’re going to want to check out The Fridge app. ASAP… before that yogurt goes bad.

Developed for iOS (sorry, non-iPhone users), you enter in your latest grocery purchase and The Fridge app alerts you when your food is about to expire. This person likes your Instagram photo, you have a new text message, your milk is about to go sour — alerts could help you figure out what to eat for dinner tonight and what items to add to your grocery list so you don’t forget next time you hit the market. Keep track of your fruit, meat, cheese, leftovers and condiments with ease — and they don’t need to physically be in the fridge. It’ll help you audit everything in that fruit bowl on the counter, too. It’s organization at its finest.

One of the coolest parts of the app is that it’s smart: It learns your preferences over time so that it can suggest foods and remember expiration dates without you inputting them over and over again. It also lets you create a shopping list and search recipes! For only $1.99 on iTunes, you can purchase this personal assistant for grocery shopping, and who can say no to that? Not us, that’s fo’ sho’.

Besides expiration date obsessives, this app is also great for organization freaks. And let’s face it: That applies to most of us. Except your messy roommate. Say goodbye to rotten fruit, spoiled milk, moldy tomato sauce and past-prime leftovers once and for all with The Fridge app. You’ll thank us later.

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(h/t Design Taxi)