The pumpkin spice trend鈥檚 not stopping anytime soon. This year, the fun will start a lot earlier in our cereal bowls! Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes are officially the first-announced PS product of 2018, and you鈥檒l see them on store shelves come August.

Met Food Market鈥檚 Instagram account broke the news and said that Kellogg鈥檚 sent the store a sample box. The family-owned grocer told Brit + Co, 鈥淸We] like to post new items such as this鈥 for food enthusiasts.鈥 The store shared a box with Markie Devo, a food Instagram influencer, who describes the cereal as having a 鈥渟trong pumpkin spice essence(yass)鈥 that is 鈥渧ery sweet with a hint of pumpkin puree / cinnamon vibe.鈥 He adds that the cereal milk is a 10/10.

Pumpkin spice season has gotten out of control the last few years, so are we really ready for it to start even sooner? Maybe not, but we鈥檙e so excited to wash this cereal down with our PSL come fall!

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(Photo via Kareem Dolah / Met Foods 鈥 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn)