Moms do practically everything for us, from when we’re newborn babes to well into adulthood. And as much as we’d like to think the sheer enjoyment of our company is enough to repay for them for the late nights, homework help, and hours on the phone counseling us through our worst moments, we all know, deep down, mom deserves a thoughtful gift in return once in while. Not just on birthdays and Mother’s Day, though those are greatly appreciated. And of course, what better gift is there than the gift of laughter? These funny and adorable gifts are designed for moms who love to crack jokes and show off their senses of humor. Frankly, that’s why we love them.

1. Strong Girl Clothing Mommy Shark T-Shirt ($20+): Ba dum. Ba dum. The only thing fiercer than Jaws is your mom. This soft T-shirt is made for moms who don’t take any nonsense, but they’ll just laugh about it.

2. Uncommon Goods Chalkboard Table Runner Set ($12+): Unruly kids at the table can be a nightmare for poor ol’ mom. Luckily, she can roll out this quirky chalkboard runner to keep her kids entertained throughout dinner and keep her table’s varnish intact. It also works nicely for labeling a buffet table at a dinner party.

3. New Slang: Flashcards by Knock Knock ($8): Know a mom who’s struggling with their teen’s constant use of slang? Tell her to fear not. These flashcards will help her keep up. Well, at least for the next six months, when she’ll have to learn a whole new set of teen vocabulary.

4. Just For Giggles Card Co. Freddie Mercury “Mama: Card ($4+): Let the powerful presence of Queen say how you really feel, and maybe give mama a laugh too. Hey, maybe you don’t have quite as epic a story to tell as Freddie during “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but you still love mama! Oooooh!

5. Poppy Mint and Co. ‘Tiny Humans’ Mug ($12+): What’s the ultimate goal for any parent? Making sure your tiny humans are cared for. Perhaps your stellar mom doesn’t need reminding, but she’ll still get a kick out of this cute mug.

6. Fuzzy Babba Women’s FLUFFY! Despicable Me 3D Slipper Sock ($14): Does your mom love fluffy things that are so fluffy she could die? These Despicable Me 3D slippers are the way to go to keep her feet cozy and make her chuckle every time she puts them on. They’re. So. Fluffy!

7. Parenting Is Easy: You’re Probably Just Doing It Wrong by Sara Given ($11): Parenting? Easy? What a hilarious bit of fiction, if we’ve ever heard it. Author Sara Given lampoons the unrealistic expectations put on parents in this funny, smart, and totally binge-readable book.

8. “Chill Pills” iPhone 7 Case ($32): Being a mom is stressful. So stressful, she probably often has to tell herself to chill. But now, this cute iPhone case can do it for her in the most pleasant way possible — with a soft silicone mold that looks like a cartoon prescription bottle. Also available for the iPhone Plus and iPhone X.

9. Jamie Martin Socks “If You Can Read This” Socks ($10): Mama needs to put her feet up once in a while, but be forewarned. If you see this bottom of these socks, you are legally required to go get her a glass of wine (or beer, or coffee, or tacos). Okay, maybe it’s not actually the law, but we guarantee it’ll make your mom happy.

10. Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book by Papeterie Bleu ($9): Coloring works for the kids, so why wouldn’t it work for mom too? This relaxing and entertaining coloring book with tons of illustrations that sum up exactly what it’s like to be a modern mom is sure to give mama a laugh.

11. BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass ($18): When a mom says she needs a glass of wine, *this* is the glass she should reach for — it holds an entire bottle.

12. Gelid “I Like Long Romantic Walks at Target” Coffee Mug ($13): Any mom who makes weekly trips to Target will be able to relate to this mug.

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