Although winter in San Francisco just means one extra layer, we still like to check the weather every day to see if that extra layer should be a vest or a cardigan. And as long as we’re checking the weather, we might as well get a little comical kick out of it. Leave it to the funny folks from Funny or Die to deliver just that. Their new weather app is sure to give you a chuckle as you get out of bed with its weather facts, quirky daily reminders and more.


If it’s raining, the app won’t just show you a cartoony icon of a gray cloud and raindrops. It’ll tell you something more useful, like “Daily Fact: The window was the first weather channel.” Below the LOL remark, you can see the exact temperature and the highs and lows. And like with most weather apps, if you scroll down from the main page, you can see the weather for the rest of the week, a breakdown of pressure, visibility and UV index levels and even a short description of the weather. You know, like regular, kinda-useful info. And while all your friends are using their boring weather apps, you can get the same accurate information that they do. But please, do them a favor and clue them in that it’s time to upgrade their app. If you find a particularly hilarious daily reminder or weather fact, you can hit the “share” button and post it on your social media for group giggles. You do like to spread joy like that, don’t you…?


Funny or Die Weather is currently free on iOS.


Are you Team Authentic Weather app or Team Funny or Die Weather? What’s your fave weather app? Let us know in the comments!