Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means so are date nights, romantic Valentine’s desserts, flowers, gifts and lots and lots of love. Whether it’s in addition to a proper gift or you’re sending some old-fashioned solo snail mail love, we’re sharing 11 funny Valentine’s Day cards that get your sentiment. Read on and spread the love.


1. Julie Ann Art I Love You Card ($5): Everyone thinks it, and this card says it. It’s direct, to the point and a really sweet sentiment. If your someone special loves a good laugh, this card will certainly deliver.


2. Paperlaced Rustic Better Than an eMail Card ($4): All love letters are better IRL, and this rustic card celebrates that. Any note is cozier when it’s received in handwritten script that was carefully mailed by someone you love.


3. Paperlaced Custom Days I’ve Been in Love With You ($4): If this isn’t the sweetest thing on the planet, then it’s not clear what is. You’re just a little bit of easy peasy math away from making your S.O.’s heart swell with custom joy.


4. Lemonwood Imprints Sponge-Worthy ($20): Seinfeld valentines are hands down the king of all valentines. This set of four cards means you can spread cheeky joy to four lucky people in your life. If you’ve got a friend who has just been snubbed, this is a hilarious way to let her know that she means the world to you.


5. Lala Grace To My Wife Gold Foil ($5): This card is especially perfect if this is your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. Continue to celebrate the lovely commitment you made to each other with this gorgeous gold foil card that places it front and center.


6. Lala Grace To My Husband Gold Foil ($5): Get straight to the point with a card that shines as brightly as your fave person.


7. Julie Ann Art Shaved My Legs Card ($5): Especially in the middle of winter, when you put in the effort to shave your legs, you know you’ve met someone special. Encapsulate that lovely feeling with this tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day card that’s sure to get a giggle out of its recipient.


8. Ilootpaperie You Bacon Me Crazy Valentine’s ($20): This card is perfect for people who like a good pun or people who like bacon… so, basically it’s good for everyone on the planet. And with five in a set, you don’t have to narrow down the lucky list of recipients too much.


9. Ilootpaperie Olive Juice Card ($20): This pair of olives is unbelievably adorable. This card is so cute and sweet and not too deep, making it ideal for the beginning of a relationship.


10. Ilootpaperie ’80s Aerobics Move It Moove It Greeting Cow ($22): Because LOL: an ’80s workout cow?! Talk about a non-traditional Valentine’s Day gift. If dancing is something you share with your significant other, or if you met out dancing, this card was made for you.


11. Ilootpaperie For the Record Gold Foil Valentine’s Day Card ($6): Make it official with this gold foil record card… or simply joke at making it official. If you’re looking for a cute way to propose, this card sets you up right.

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