Any other night, you and your ladies would have queued up Mean Girls, whipped up a batch of gooey-in-the-center brownies and picked a new ambitious nail art pattern to try on each other, but not the night of February 14. Your Valentine’s Day spirit needs an outlet other than tables for two and smooches by candlelight. Can you say Galentine’s Day party?! We’re already revved up for a bash that takes girls’ night in to the next level. When there are besties, onesies + wine involved, could there be anything better? To make sure your Galentine’s Day party is the best it can be, we’re sharing 10 add-ons to your already awesome evening.

Gem Toppers

1. Gem Treat Topper ($15): First things first: sugar. Complement stacks on stacks of heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate truffles galore with a little sumthin’ sumthin’ of the homemade variety. Top off baked donuts with heart-shaped sprinkles + these literal gems.

Tassel Garland

2. Tassel Garland ($50): Galentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without setting the mood. No need for slow jams + rose petals here. (Unless you’re going for irony, in which case full speed ahead, you gallant luminary!) Just string some bright tassels on ALL the walls to get your gals into the party swing.

Agate Coasters

3. Agate Slice Coaster Kit ($39): Whether it’s red velvet pancakes or pom pom beanies, a DIY is must. Get the girls to help make a set of stellar crystal coasters and then put those agate slices to use against splashes of rosé later in the night.

Floral Confetti

4. Eco-Friendly Floral Confetti ($14): Is there ever not a reason for confetti? We’re all for literal pops of color at all times, on just about every occasion.

Mustache Props

5. Mustache Photo Prop Set ($22): Selfies are a given, but hipster selfies? Now we’re talking! Don your favorite facial style from times gone by and top off the look with a monocle or tiny top hat. Giggles are sure to ensue.

Cocktail Shaker

6. Flashing Cocktail Shaker ($15): Boozy libations are a given, right? Shake up your favorite girly drink in a rave-ready cocktail shaker. Good luck staying in a bad mood after pouring a pure agave marg from this sucker.

Chocolate Hearts

7. Dark Hearts Chocolate ($19): There comes a time on every Galentine’s Day when a snap from a not-single friend gets you feeling jelly. Embrace where you’re at, give all of your besties a huge hug and keep the good times rolling with the ultimate mood booster. <3 u chocolate!

Heart Stirrers

8. Heart Drink Stirrers ($20): Can we get a round of snaps for the mixologist?! Finish off the cocktail-shaking show by placing a heart-shaped drink stirrer in each glass. It’s the kind of made-with-love touch your squad deserves.

love sculpture

9. 3D Printed LOVE Sculpture ($36): No matter whose company you enjoy on February 14, the day is ultimately about the one and only l-o-v-e. Celebrate the feeling in its truest forms: pizza, enduring besties and self-love included.

Unicorn Balloon

10. Unicorn Balloon ($12): As much as we heart hearts, it’s time for a new Galentine’s Day symbol. Consider this the official nomination of the unicorn for ultimate representation of gal-paldom out there.

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