Whether it’s a rainy day soup or a classic tomato soup, finding comfort in a steamy bowl of nutritious broth is a universal pleasure — and one we tend to feel deprived of during the hot summer months. Though it’s hard to fathom the idea of eating soup for the sake of cooling off, there’s a rainbow of gazpacho (AKA our favorite chilled soup) out there that’ll have you slurping soup poolside in no time! Sure, watermelon ice cubes are the chillest food trend this summer, but these 12 gazpachos will come in as a close second. They’re refreshing and full of nutrients, and you can make great use of all those gorgeous veggies growing in your garden!

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1. Traditional Beet Gazpacho: Most are familiar with borscht, a Russian beet soup widely recognized for its magenta color and a staple in many Eastern European households. This gazpacho derives from that, offering all of the classic flavors of beets, dill and potatoes. (via Lemon Tree Cafe)


2. Sweet Corn Gazpacho: This chilled concoction brings an abundance of flavors to your tastebuds. In addition to sweet summer corn, you get the essence of tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic and a wee hint of tanginess from lime. (via The Endless Meal)

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3. Cucumber Avocado Gazpacho + Charred Corn Pico de Gallo: With cool cucumbers and smooth avocados starring in this bowl, it’s totally meant for those sweltering days when your body craves only the most refreshing foods to nurture itself. We think the gorgeous presentation is worth the extra effort. (via Cream and Honey)

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4. Shrimp Gazpacho: If you love shrimp bisque, you need this gazpacho in your life ASAP. Every spoonful boasts true summer flavors with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and the earthiness of fresh herbs. (via Gastro Senses)

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5. Zucchini Gazpacho: Zucchini is super versatile, so it comes as no surprise that there’s a gazpacho to celebrate that. Garnish with pine nuts and lemon zest, then knock back the flavors that represent summer at its best. (via Things I Made Today)

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6. Yellow Gazpacho With Roasted Poblano Pesto: This soup is straight out of a culinary fairy tale. Yellow tomatoes and yellow bell peppers give this broth its deep golden color and diced vegetables used as garnish offer fantastic textures. The roasted poblano pesto pulls everything together perfectly. (via CaliZona)


7. Gazpacho With Lemon Thyme and Smoked Paprika: This chilled starter soup incorporates all the elements of a classic gazpacho, along with some lemon, thyme and chunky roasted cherry tomatoes. You can even add a few drops of Tobasco to kick things up a notch. (via Melangery)

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8. Gazpacho With Avocado-Corn Relish: Balance isn’t overlooked in this gazpacho. Aleppo peppers and horseradish bring quite a bit of spice, but are evened out by the creaminess of the avocado and the sweetness of the corn. (via Art de Fête)

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9. Mango Orange Gazpacho: The bright and bold flavors of mangos and oranges make this gazpacho unlike any other. This unique blend will cool you off all while leaving you satisfied. (via Whisk Affair)

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10. Cold Shrimp Avocado Bisque: Cool to the senses yet smokey on the palate? Heck yes! This cool and creamy bisque boasts an impressive flavor profile, with avocados, coconut milk, lime, cumin, green onions and sun-dried tomatoes. Someone get us a spoon… (via I Food Real)

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11. White Gazpacho: Gazpacho doesn’t have to be vivid in color to be tempting. This pale variation is just as beautiful, with ajo blanco (white garlic) playing the lead in flavor. Bread and almonds help to thicken the soup, while lemon zest and green grapes bring some acidity and sweetness. (via Little Ferraro Kitchen)

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12. Raspberry Gazpacho: Raspberries and tomatoes — sounds a little unexpected, yet looks oh-so right. Raspberries bring tartness and sweetness to balance out the medley of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. (via Delish Knowledge)

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