Floating in the clouds, inhaling the Mediterranean Sea, walking the bustling streets of Paris — that all sounds good to us! We are used to getting sucked into a wave of wanderlust from time to time (it’s all your fault, Instagram!), and sometimes the only thing that can feed our hunger for travel is a delicious international dish. Sure, we wish we could jet set to Italy and back during lunch for a bowl of creamy gelato on the reg, but since we are kiiinda busy, these 15 yummy bowls of the sweet stuff from around the world will have to do for now.

1. Olive Oil Gelato: What says Italia more than a wave of silky olive oil drizzled on just about everything? Yes, everything. One taste of this delicious dolce, and it will be “amore” at first bite. (via Williams-Sonoma)

2. Lavender Honey Gelato: France has given us many a treat to daydream about. What next?!? Lavender. Honey. Gelato. We aren’t mathematicians, but this equation can only equal amazing. (via Sweet Tarte)

3. Chocolate Stout Gelato: Mmmmm… Guiness. A dessert all in itself, isn’t it? Let’s multitask and enjoy two of our favorite treats in one! It’s 5pm somewhere, right? (via Peace, Love and French Fries)

4. Honey Sesame Seed Gelato: Nothing says Greece more than dessert drenched in honey. Baklava. Finikia. Pasteli (aka sesame seed candies). Insert gelato. Prepare for a happy tummy. (via DC Culinarian)

5. Sahlab: Ever wonder what it’s like to eat orchids? I mean, who doesn’t right?!? Rare and expensive, this Turkish treat is worth the search. (via Culeenary)

6. Kulfi: Pistachios and rosewater. Yep. You heard us correctly. An infusion of flowers and nuts, that’s just how these little treats roll. One spoon and you will feel instantly transported to the middle of New Delhi. (via Indiaphile)

7. Pandan-Coconut Gelato: You no longer have to trek to Thailand to enjoy this local favorite. A close cousin of vanilla, it’s even more amazing when paired with the likes of coconut. (via Saveur)

8. Vietnamese Coffee Gelato: Dark roasted coffee bathed in sweetened condensed milk with hints of cardamom and cinnamon disguised as gelato? Yes, please! (via Saveur)

9. Kaffir Lime Gelato: It’s no coincidence that Indonesia uses Kaffir (also known as makrut lime) as a medicinal plant. Refreshing, fragrant and good for you… what more can we ask for at indulge o’clock? (via Saveur)

10. Kabocha Squash Ice Cream: Squash to some, pumpkin to others, kabocha is most commonly found in tempura. This Japanese master of disguise moonlights as an aphrodisiac making it the perfect treat for those of us who are up for a true adventure. (via Fragrant Vanilla Cake)

11. Kiwi Gelato: What better way to mind travel to New Zealand than with our favorite furry fruit, eh? We wouldn’t be surprised if this inspires you to take a tiki tour to just about anywhere with your mates (and by mates, we mean besties). (via Bell’alimento, image via Lemons + Anchovies)

12. Avocado Gelato: No one can claim the almighty avocado, but with that said, Brazil is known for deliciously rich avocado shakes first thing in the morning. Embrace your inner Carioca with this creamy treat. (via Food 52)

13. Dulce de Leche Gelato: How is leche THAT deliciously dulce? A staple in many a country, prepare yourself for a whirlwind trip. Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Columbia and Mexico, for starters. (via Cake Spy)

14. Mango Banana Gelato: Mangos and bananas make us instantly think Caribbean. Steel drums, tropical birds and some sort of mango slash banana concoction within arms reach. (via Tes At Home)

15. Coffee and Donuts Ice Cream: If staycations are more your thing, this frozen treat screams New York. I mean seriously, can coffee and donuts even survive without each other? We think not. (via A Family Feast)

What’s your favorite way to travel the world with your tummy? Share your comments below!