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If the modern body-positivity movement has taught us one thing, it鈥檚 that a person鈥檚 worth is not determined by their body shape or size. But sometimes society forgets that 鈥 and it takes a real boss to step up and remind us. Enter Cassie Young and her EPIC bride-shaming shutdown.

Young is a radio personality and podcast host from Atlanta, GA. She recently got engaged, and when she shared the good news on Twitter, a personal trainer reached out about getting in shape for her upcoming wedding. She was, understandably, not having it.

Young didn鈥檛 have a problem with the initial pitch, explaining to the trainer that she was already happy with the way she looked and thanking them for their offer. That鈥檚 when the conversation took a turn for the inappropriate.

The trainer, whose name Young did not reveal, started shaming Young for not wanting to look her 鈥渂est,鈥 and all but called her a liar about being happy with her body.

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This guy reached out to me on Twitter with a pitch, and it spiraled into something else. I鈥檓 posting this because I want every woman and man to know that it does not MATTER what you look like. (I'm blue. He's gray. Swipe to read.) You are worthy. Love is out there for you. Life is waiting with open arms. It doesn鈥檛 matter if you鈥檙e skinny or fat or between the two or willowy or broad shouldered or peer shaped or like a board or anything in between. You get good stuff in life by being YOU. That's what matters. If you think of life as a 鈥済ame鈥 with being skinny as how you 鈥渨in,鈥 this guy is offering to play by the rules and get you there. I鈥檓 telling you the game is BOGUS. You don鈥檛 need the game. I reject the game. I REFUSE TO PLAY. It鈥檚 a fake construct that you can step outside of. Your inner-value and self-worth comes from YOU, not what you look like. Who gives a f**k if you got a few extra pounds. Or ten. Or twenty. Thirty. Whatever. If you are happy and healthy, that鈥檚 ALL that matters. Those pounds DO 馃憦NOT 馃憦DEFINE 馃憦YOU 馃憦OR 馃憦YOUR 馃憦WORTH. Don鈥檛 let people like this try to convince you otherwise, because they鈥檒l try - but it鈥檚 because they don鈥檛 understand yet. They鈥檙e caught up in the game and can鈥檛 see it for what it is. You can. Life is waiting for you. It's too short to be spent worrying about a belly roll. Go be happy and live it to your fullest.

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Young was quick to articulately shut them down. 鈥淚鈥檓 constantly shamed or reminded that I鈥檓 heavy and I should be embarrassed,鈥 she wrote. 鈥淗ealth is one thing, and it鈥檚 something I鈥檓 working hardcore on. But the idea of me being embarrassed by my wedding pictures because I might be 鈥榝at鈥 in them? F**k that noise!鈥

She shared screencaps of the conversation 鈥 equal parts infuriating and inspiring 鈥 on social media with the important message that your appearance does NOT define your self-worth. The post went viral, and Young says the support she received has been overwhelming (in a good way!)

鈥淚t鈥檚 SO easy to be an anonymous keyboard troll online,鈥 Young told Brit + Co in an email. 鈥淭he fact that complete strangers were showing up from all over with kind comments, with similar struggles, with positivity 鈥 it was not only eye-opening, but really uplifting.鈥

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馃憟馃憟馃憟 HATERS TO THE LEFT. I鈥檒l be honest, yesterday the trolls got to me for a hot minute. Their comments didn鈥檛 hurt my feelings so much as stole my faith in the world. I was shocked that people could be SO cruel and SO nasty, and I wondered why we should even bother about fighting against this cold, biter, heartless Army Of The Dead. . And then you reached out. And you. And you and you and you. You told me your stories of ordering your first two piece. Your battles with eating disorders and self-acceptance. The struggle with loss in your family and weight gain because of depression and how you battle it every day, head held high. Or going into the water in a bathing suit to play with your kids and make memories for the first time instead of hiding under a beach towel. Or stories of your kids, who see the world through innocent, honest eyes, and don鈥檛 get what the problem with being overweight is (because to them there is no problem.) Or the heartbreaking stories of how you or your daughters or sisters were on the precipice, and all they needed to realize was that fat is literally just an adjective, and not a judgment on who they are as a person, and now they鈥檙e getting married. . Thank you guys. You drowned out the trolls. You checked on me to make sure I was ok. You slammed the haters and showed me the light again. Texts, Tweets, Emails, DMs, Facebook Messages. There鈥檚 not even a comparison to the level of love I have seen on the internet from @TheBertShow community - my radio family - and from absolute strangers. . If you are struggling, know we are out there. Not only the outspoken protestors, but also the silent allies. We will stand tall with you and we will win this fight. I promise you. . EVERY body is beautiful. . This photo is for you, trolls. Eat your 鉂わ笍 out. . . . #EffYourBeautyStandards #EffYourBodyStandards #MYPerfectBody #LoveYourBody #IAmWhoIAm #HatersGonnaHate #BodyPositivity #LoseHateNotWeight #LoveYourself #BodyPositivity #EverybodyIsBeautiful #HealthIsWealth #SelfLove #HonorMyCurves #CelebrateMySize #TheRealMe #BBW #SelfAcceptance #RealBeauty #IAmGoodEnough #IAmWorthy #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo #AllTheHashtagsBecauseThisIsImportant 馃摲: @ownboudoir

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Many people struggle with body image issues. While the cultural tides are turning and all body types are being increasingly celebrated and represented, there is still a lot of work to be done. Young knows that the journey to self-acceptance is not an easy one, but she says it鈥檚 worth putting in the work.

鈥淵ou have to keep coming back to the notion that you are enough,鈥 she says. 鈥淚n the grand scheme of life, you are the one who is by your side through EVERYTHING. You have to be your own cheerleader. Once you start to find your validation within yourself, the rest is a piece of cake.鈥

鈥淎lso,鈥 Young continued, 鈥渉aters are miserable people who are unhappy with themselves. So whenever you see nasty comments from them, feel bad for them, because they are miserable, and you have something they don鈥檛: true self-confidence and happiness.鈥 Truer words.

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