Kiddos really do have the best birthday parties — there’s a ton of color, candy and usually a piñata involved. Not to mention, *all* those presents. So when it comes time to wrap that perfect present, you definitely need to bring your A-game. The easy gift-wrapping ideas below will add a pop of color, playfulness and texture to the party table and make for some totally Instagram-worthy party shots. Think: adorable animals, fun and dessert-themed wrapping paper in a rainbow of colors. While they might just rip it to shreds, at least you can enjoy the fact that your wrap job is the coolest one on the block.


1. Printable Banana Split Wrapping Paper: Who doesn’t love ice cream? This gift wrap is kid-approved and won’t come with the dreaded post-birthday sugar rush. (via Studio DIY)


2. Mouse Gift Wrap DIY: The ears on these little gifts are just too stinkin’ cute. For *extra* cuteness, you could wrap a smaller gift in yellow spotted paper so they can have a little cheese! (via Handmade Charlotte)


3. Birthday Cake Box DIY: Recreate the demolished birthday cake with these sugar-filled slices of heaven. You could even stuff them with tiny party favors for a take-home gift. (via Studio DIY)


4. Car Gift Wrap DIY: Put a piece of the present on top of the box with this clever wrap job. You can also add a pack of crayons so they can create a little landscape before unwrapping. (via Lines Across)


5. Cherry Gift Wrapping DIY: This adorable pom pom gift wrap is sure to stand out from the sea of store-bought packaging in the gift pile. It’s also a great idea for a summer birthday! (via Love.Luck.Kisses & Cake/Today)


6. Honeycomb Gift Toppers: These gift toppers can give you plenty of room to get creative with 3D honeycomb shapes. And don’t just stop with the ones pictured — you can create a sun or a sno-cone for a summer party. (via Minted)


7. Animal Gift Wrap DIY: These adorable critters are serious #giftwrapgoals. Take it to the next level by wrapping everything individually so the birthday kiddo can have their own little animal kingdom. (via Blog Bog & Idé)


8. 3D Heart Gift Wrap DIY: Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, folks! These little 3D hearts can be customized with the birthday party colors and will work well for any time of the year. (via Studio DIY)


9. Fruit Wrapping Paper: Most kids may prefer candy over fruit, but these fruity gift wraps are too cute to resist. Wrap smaller gifts individually so you can create a little fruit salad vibe for the gifting table. (via The House That Lars Built)


10. Printable Egg Wrapping Paper: Add a little color and texture to the gift table with this hilarious fried egg patterned paper. Top it with a metallic pom pom for an added oomph. (via Studio DIY)


11. Garland + Pom Pom Gift Wrapping DIY: Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. After all, the wrapping will probably be torn apart in seconds, right? To get the look of this quick, colorful gift on your own, use a handful of pom poms, bright string and colorful paper. (via A Subtle Revelry)


12. Sleepy Lion Gift Wrap DIY: This sleepy lion gift wrap would be an A+ choice for a birthday celebration at the zoo! Add little speech bubbles for a personalized touch. (via Let’s Wrap Stuff)


13. Fringe Wrap DIY: Patterns and pom poms are great and all, but no one can resist a little fringe. Pick the birthday boy or girls’ favorite colors for a personalized, Instagram-worthy gift. (via Willowday)


14. Printable Monster Gift Wrap: The monster enthusiast will certainly appreciate this bright, graphic wrapping paper. Accent the pattern with different neon colors for a cute, comic book-esque touch. (via MinieCo)

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