With the holidays coming up, it’s important to treat our most beloved furry friends — especially if you or someone you know is a first-time pet parent. You have the dog gifts and the rest of the pet gifts crossed off your list, now make sure to get these pet essentials to make housebreaking, cleaning up or teaching tricks a whole lot easier. Here are 27 practical gift ideas that every pet parent and their little ones can appreciate.

slipper toy

1. Plaid Slipper Toy ($12): Give your puppy something to chew up without compromising any of your favorite shoes.

tassel tamer

2. Tabby Tassel Tamer ($22): Keep your cute cat entertained for hours with this colorful tassel tamer.

yellow pineapple

3. Pineapple House Small Animal Hideaway (from $9): Give your lil’ critter some privacy with this cozy fleece hideaway that’s perfect to sleep or play in.

cord protector

4. CritterCord Cord Protector ($11): Exposed wires are a no-no when you have little ones scampering all over the house. Keep them safe with this cord protector made from safe but bitter taste deterrents.

bow wow

5. Bow Ow First Aid Kit ($39): It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Invest in your dog’s safety with this cute and vet-approved first aid kit.

Boat Canvas Placemat

6. Boat Canvas Placemat ($36): Keep those slippery bowls in place with this heavy-duty canvas duck placemat.

cat hair

7. Cat Lover Flowy Tee ($38): Also available for dog lovers, this tee lets your friends know where your priorities lie.

catnip fortune cookies

8. Catnip Fortune Cookies ($20): Treat your pet cat to some good luck with some irresistible, fortune-cookie-shaped catnip.

collapsible bowl

9. Collapsible Pet Feeding Bowl ($10): Trips with your furry friend just got a whole lot easier. Take your pet’s food or water to go with this handy collapsible bowl.

bitter apple spray

10. Grannick’s Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray Bottle ($8): Spray this non-toxic deterrent to discourage fur biting or licking or gnawing of bandages.

daily best

11. Daily Best Natural Multi-Vitamin Cat Chews ($18): Keep cats in tip-top condition with antioxidant and vitamin-packed chews.

dog collar

12. Seeing Stars Pattern Dog Collar ($16): Let your pet strut their stuff in style with this modern design.

dog starter kit

13. Dog Starter Kit ($69): Meet the challenge as new pet owners with an EVERYTHING pack. Trips to the pet store are no more.

dog waste bag dispenser

14. No.2 Pet Waste Bag Dispenser ($8): Made of recycled plastic, these biodegradable baggies make cleaning up after your pet quick, easy and guilt-free.

doggie gift set

15. Ultimate Doggie Gift Set ($17): Complete with chew toys, bone-shaped cookie cutters and a guide to training your dog, this have-it-all set is the one to get.

leisure lodge

16. Leisure Lodge ($27): This adorable fleece hideaway is sure to keep your little critter comfy and happy.


17. FURminator ($39): Fight the shedding pandemic with this must-have tool for furry pet parents.

kitty set

18. Ultimate Kitty Gift Set ($24): Ideal for cat lovers and their feline friends, this kit is sure to be the cat’s meow.

Mishap Spray

19. Mishap Spray ($24): Natural and hypoallergenic, this environmentally friendly spray makes dealing those “little mishaps” a whole lot easier.

mini emergency kit

20. Minimergency Kit for Dogs ($16): This kit comes with 11 essentials for your dog, including eye wipes, hand-cleaning towelettes and waste bags. It’s all about keeping pet parents well prepared.

dogs before dudes

21. Dogs Before Dudes ($35): Let the boys know what’s up in this cheeky tee.

pet pillow

22. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): Attention, new pet parents! You can actually get your new best friend’s photo printed onto a pillow. *Mind-blown*


23. Scratchmaster Kitty Turntable ($36): Let your cat show off those mad DJ-ing skills with this hilarious scratchpost-turntable.


24. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker ($80): Hooray for no more lost pets! Now you can track their whereabouts wherever you go.

travel bowl

25. H204K9 ($17): This easy-to-use stainless steel bottle will make long trips and hikes a cinch for your dog.

wee wee pads

26. Housebreaking Pads (from $16): Housebreaking has never been easier with these training pads.


27. Digital Gift Certificate ($25-$500): When in doubt, whip the gift card out.

Which of these essentials will you be getting for your furry friend? Let us know in the comments!