We all have friends who are cat or dog lovers. But, let’s not forget about the proud bird-, fish- and small critter-owners’ club. If you’re one of these lucky pet parents or know someone who is, get ready to take your pick from our list of the greatest pet gifts ever. Animal lovers, beware — there’s no turning back for your favorite feathered, gilled or furry friends once they get ahold of these. Here are 15 impossibly cute and functional gifts for your special pals.

Bird Toys, Foot Toys - Crunch-n-Munch Small Medium Pet Birds Caique Conure

1. Crunch-n-Munch Bird Toy ($4): Make sure your feathered friend stays entertained for days with the Crunch-n-Munch toy. Made from bird-safe mahogany pods and crunchy hardwood wheels strung onto double-knotted, veggie-tanned leather, this toy is sure to be your pet’s favorite.

Mini Cupcakes - Small Animal Hamster Guinea Pig Bunny Rabbit Rat Chinchilla Toy

2. Mini Cupcake Small Animal Toy ($4): This colorful treat is so cute and looks good enough to eat. But don’t be fooled — this treat is for small animals only. ;) Handmade from wood, wood beads, paper and vine, this toy is ideal for the teeny tiny, including hamsters, guinea pigs, bunny rabbits, rats and chinchillas.

Bird Kabob 8-1:2-Inch Carnival Chewable Perch

3. Wesco Bird Kabob Carnival Swing Bird Toy ($8): All-natural and completely biodegradable, this bird swing delivers active fun and a yummy treat for your tweety bird.

Aqua-Plant 8-Inch Colorful Plants 6-Piece Assortment from Penn-Plax

4. Penn-Plax Aqua Plant Assortment ($14): These weighted artificial aquarium plants will brighten up any fish tank. They’ll also provide your finned friend with some privacy, whenever needed.

burger bites

5. Super Pet Combo Crispy & Wood Hamburger Toy ($5): Small critters everywhere will love digging their tiny teeth into this yummy-looking toy. The chewable wood and crispy loofah combo will keep your pet’s teeth healthy and strong — not to mention they’ll love playing with it.

Pineapple House Sponge Bob Aquarium Ornament

6. Pineapple House Spongebob Aquarium Ornament ($9): If you’re a Spongebob fan, you’re probably excited about this one. Not only will this ornament add some fun to your fish tank and give your pet an awesome hideaway, but you’ll also be able to say your pet fish lives in a pineapple under the sea.


7. Antler Headband ($5): Just when you thought your guinea pig couldn’t get any cuter. Slip on these festive antlers for the most adorable photo op EVER.

Ecotrition Ecotrition Snak Shak Edible Natural Hide Away Hut for Small Pets

8. Ecotrition Snak Shak Edible Natural Hideaway Hut ($14): Because this fun hideaway is made from 100% edible alfalfa and honey, there’s no denying that small critters will enjoy this tasty snack.

Exotic Environments - Green Glow In The Dark Geode Stone

9. Green Glow-in-the-Dark Geode Stone ($15): Here’s an ornament to complete your exotic-themed aquarium: This crystal-like formation will make your fish friends feel a little more at home, while lighting up at night with a cool green glow.

Fish Condo

10. Fish Condo ($40): Give your beta a contemporary condominium that’ll make all their fish friends jealous. Asymmetrical windows let your fish look out or enjoy some me time in their modern aquatic home.

Kaytee Knot Nibbler

11. Kaytee Knot Nibbler ($5): Here’s a ball of fun for small animals: This wooden chew toy includes a gnawable surprise inside (a nut) that’ll keep your pet nibbling for hours. Made from vegetable-dyed wood, this one is great for those pets who love to chew.

Planet Pleasures Mini Brush

12. Planet Pleasures Mini Brush ($3): Fight bird boredom with this colorful mini brush. It’s great as a shredder toy or just something from your bird to throw around.

Rollin' The Hay - Assorted

13. Super Pet Rollin’ the Hay Toy ($7): Treat your small critter to some nutritional fun with this spinning hay holder that can either be hung from a wire frame or set on the cage floor to roll around.

Super Squid Sisal and Wood Chew Toy - Small Animal Toy - Guinea Pigs Hamsters

14. Super Squid Sisal and Wood Chew Toy ($5): Hand-made using sisal, wood, food coloring and non-toxic hardware, this chewable toy comes in assorted colors for rodents to gnaw on. Bonus: It also cleans teeth.

Theophile Activity Center

15. Theophile Activity Center ($11): Keep your large pet bird occupied with this colorful toy made from thick wooden blocks that are safely dyed using vegetables. This quality-made ornament provides the mental and physical exercise your feathered friend needs.

Which play toy will you be surprising your pet with? Let us know how much they enjoy it!