43 Holiday Dog Gifts to Spoil Woman’s BFF
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43 Holiday Dog Gifts to Spoil Woman’s BFF

Okay, Fido put up with you and your adorable dog costume at Halloween, and he was such a good boy for posing for the Christmas card pictures. And now it’s time to make it up to him. This holiday season, make sure to add (wo)man’s best friend to the gift-giving list, whether you treat them to a new chew toy or completely spoil them rotten.

Doggy Stocking Stuffers

1. Harajuku Lovers Kawaii Donut Toy ($7): You and your pup are so in sync, she’s even as donut obsessed as you are.

2. Grrrona Dog Toy ($14+): He may only be a three-year-old pup, but that’s technically the legal drinking age in dog years.

3. Haute Diggity Dog Fashion Hound Toy Collection ($12+): Dogs, you’re the best, but don’t eeeeven come near the designer shoes (lest you experience a meltdown like Carrie). Give her her own pair of high heels like Jimmy Chews, Manolo Barkniks or Chewy Vuitons.

4. Healthy Dogma Pumpkin Biscuits ($8): You’re not the only one with a pumpkin obsession this time of year. These treats have other yummy all-natural flavors too, like cranberry, cinnamon and vanilla.

5. Harajuku Lovers Dog Apparel ($10+): Gwen Stefani designed a line of dog duds for Petco, and it’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

6. Humunga Stache ($12): When your dog picks up this ball just right, it gives him a giant handlebar mustache and you all the LOLs.

7. Starbarks Frenchie Roast Latte Toy ($16): One grande toasted s’more latte with extra whip and biscuits, please.

8. Jax and Bones Woolie and Rope Toys ($12): Even your dog can get into the holiday spirit with some Christmas-themed squeaker toys. These ones are made with non-toxic vegetable dyes, so they’re safe for hours of gnawing.

9. BaubleBar Jiff Pet Collar ($14): This pyramid crystal-studded leather accessory is a chic alternative to wearing a spiked dog collar.

10. Waggo Silly Succulent Cactus Dog Toy ($14): Didn’t you hear? Cacti are all the rage these days, even in the canine world.

11. DOG for DOG Dogsbutter Peanut Butter for Dogs ($10): Dogs LOVE peanut butter (and loudly licking their chops after a spoonful), so give them the good stuff. This all-natural PB has no sugar, salt or hydrogenated oils.

12. Nite Ize Meteorlite K-9 LED Ball ($13): The days are getting shorter, but your pooch still wants to play. A glow-in-the-dark ball lets him get in his exercise, even at night.

Pampered Pup Pressies

13. BarkBox Monthly Subscription ($19+/month): BarkBox is the gift that keeps on giving, delivering new toys and treats every month. It’s perfect for the dog that loves to chew the stuffing out of everything.

14. Vanderpump Pets Giggy Commemorative 2015 Gold Collar ($33): This is not a drill: Lisa Vanderpump has a line of pet accessories, and they are just as glam as you’d expect. This one, inspired by her pampered Pom, is blinged out in gold-colored leather, crystals and metal hardware.

15. Zee.Dog 1986 Ruff Dog Leash ($24): Have a dog that loves to lead on walks, aka pulls your arm out of its socket? This brightly colored leash has a shock-absorbent spring to save your shoulder from further pain.

16. Garima Dhawan Dance Pet Bowl and Tray ($23): If she’s gonna make a mess of the kibble, at least make it a cute, polka-dotted mess.

17. Wildebeest All-Weather Dog Jacket ($45+): A wet dog is a smelly disaster waiting to happen to your living room, so protect your pooch this winter. Keep her dry and toasty warm with this water- and wind-resistant shell, which also has a hood and microfleece lining.

18. Moshiqa Dog Bathrobe ($40): Speaking of wet dogs, yours will loooove snuggling up in this robe post-bath time.

19. Fillydog Dog Collars ($39): Yep, your pooch needs this. As IF a dog of yours would ever wear anything other than a fabulous, technicolor collar.

20. The Paw Wash ($29): Like a manicure for their paws, this manual washer scrubs off all the dirt, mud and other muck in one fell swoop.

21. The Varsity Ball ($25+): Think your mutt can chew through anything? The indestructible Varsity Ball is what they give to LIONS at the zoo. So yeah, challenge accepted.

22. Thundershirt Dog Jacket ($40): It’ll break any good dog owner’s heart to see their little buddy freaking out in the middle of a thunderstorm. Pop on this anti-anxiety jacket, which swaddles the pup in gentle pressure, calming him down in stressful situations.

23. Harry Barker Good Dog Balls Gift Bucket ($36): Your dog will react to this bucket of 15 tennis balls the same way you’d react to a wine and cheese gift basket — gimmeeeee! (Bonus: You can personalize it.)

24. Waggo Stripe Hype Dog Leash ($20): A brightly colored leash like this is going to look so chic when you have your next 101 Dalmatians-equse meet-cute.

25. Bowser Beer for Dogs ($24): Your best bud is totally one of the guys, so why can’t he crack open some brewskis with you too? Don’t worry, this beer for dogs is totally non-alcoholic; it’s flavored with beef and chicken instead.

26. Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. Candy Cane Box ($20): You never know what you’re gonna get in a box of chocolates, but you know you’re NOT going to get any actual chocolate in this one. These “truffles” are instead made with free-range chicken.

27. Waggo Watercolor Ceramic Dog Bowl ($22): Why shouldn’t your dog’s decor match the rest of your stylish home?

28. PawNosh Fire Hose Bowl ($34): Never let your hound go thirsty. This travel-friendly bowl has been upcycled from actual U.S. fire hoses, making it collapsible, durable and totally leak-free.

Top Dog Gifts

29. Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed ($180): You’re not the only one who wants to travel in style. This three-in-one pod is an everyday pet bed, carrier and car seat, so you can both jet set in comfort. It’s a serious upgrade from the standard plastic travel crate.

30. Dusen Dusen Vertical Bricks Dog Sweater ($72): Fur baby becomes SUPER fur baby in this 100 percent alpaca wool sweater.

31. Whistle Activity Monitor ($100): This is basically a FitBit for dogs, keeping you informed about their exercise, health and nutrition trends, so they’ll be sticking around with your family for years to come.

32. Pipolli Striped Dog Tent ($85): Not all dogs are social creatures — some really value their alone time. This tent provides the perfect zen space for a nap before their next big playdate.

33. Leah Flores Snuggle Buddy II Pet Bed ($129): Awwww, it’s a snuggle buddy for your snuggle buddy!

34. Fillydog Geometric Square Dog Bed ($99): This isn’t your average dog pillow. It was handwoven on a traditional loom using hand-spun and hand-dyed cotton, in a trendy geometric pattern.

35. Ware of the Dogacquard Dog Sweater ($84): Listen, you’re gonna have to step up your own fashion game if you’re out walking your dog in this. Don’t embarrass her, okay?

36. Petcube Camera ($199): You’re best friends, so you can never really be apart. Watch, talk to and play with your mutt via your smartphone and this compact camera.

37. Brookstone Dog Car Seat ($69): They can barely stand up on the backseat of a moving car anyway, so why force them to? It’s neither safe nor comfortable. A basket like this can be buckled in, cutting down on motion sickness as well as danger for your pup.

38. Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots ($60): As the sidewalks get icier and the trails get wilder, your hiking bud can still keep up, thanks to a set of boots like these.

39. Harry Barker Classic Stripe Rectangle Dog Bed ($150+): There’s something very Princess and the Pea about this thick, durable dog bed, making it perfect for your princess.

40. Personalized Dog Bed ($87+): This Etsy seller will customize your dog’s name onto the felt-needle wool basket. Now if only the cat would learn to read and stop stealing the dog’s favorite sleep spot.

41. Wildebeest Meadow Dog Bed ($79): The loose, frilly texture of this fleece pillow is going to make it a top spot for dogs that love to roll.

42. Love Thy Beast Canvas Pet Tote ($180): A busy gal like you needs a stylish carry bag that’s fast to pack. Just plop your furry friend in, attach the inner leash to their collar and away you both go.

43. iFetch Automatic Fetching Machine ($115): Be there for your active dog, even when you can’t really be there, by training them to play fetch with themselves.

What’s on your pooch’s wish list this year? Share your gift ideas in the comments!