Whether T-Swift is your jam or you’re more of a hip-hop kind of gal, it doesn’t matter: Music is universal, and that’s what makes it beautiful. Great tunes sprinkle the globe and the diversity of those tunes rivals almost nothing else. Splurge on a gift for yourself or spoil the music lover in your life with these glorious gift ideas that will bring a smile to the face (and ears!) of music lovers everywhere.

boombox cufflinks

1. Boombox Cuff Links ($22): From formal occasions to everyday dress-up times, these cuff links will shout the sound of music from the mountain tops, calling fellow music aficionados near and far. We can almost see your friend group growing as we speak.

earbuds wrap

2. Earbud Cord Holder ($25): One thing music babes have to have is headphones, and one thing that comes along for the ride is tangled cords. Help them stay organized and avoid frustration with this colorful cord holder.

giant gem speaker

3. Gem Speaker ($40): Music is meant to be shared. Move your tunes out of your head and into a room full of dear friends with this beautiful giant gem speaker. Plus, it just looks cool.

gold buds

4. Gold Earbuds ($29): These are perfect for the glamorous music babe or bro in your life. Add a little bling to their tunes with these golden ‘buds.

mixtape pillow

5. Mixtape Pillow ($35): Everyone who’s anyone has a soft place in their heart for the mixtape. Give a slightly more modern nod to the dynasty of the mixtape with this decorative pillow.

portable record

6. Portable Record Player ($99): No need to trap your favorite vinyl at home. This adorable little device lets you bring their glory out into the world. Snag this little guy and you’ll be the musical hit of any party you show up to.

rap tee

7. Rap Music Tee ($24): Yes, yes it does. And this tee shares that sentiment with the world. Just don’t hold us responsible for the insane number of thumbs ups and high fives you’ll get.

solange bangles

8. Solange Bangles ($30): These gorgeous bangles are inspired by one of our favorite ladies: Solange, Beyonce’s stylish sibling.

sound pod

9. Sound Pod ($29): Amp up your phone’s tunes with this modern and colorful little pod. No wires required: Simply drop your phone in and chill out with your favorite songs.

urbanears headphones

10. Urbanears Headphones ($50): Rock out and look awesome at the same time with these ruby red headphones by Urbanears. From the gym to the subway, you’ll be listening to tunes in high style with these pretty little things.

vinyl tee

11. Vinyl Tee ($30): These are for the retro music lovers we all know and love. Even non-music lovers — if those people even exist? — will swoon over this rad tee.

Which one of these sounds like a winner for the musical ones in your life? Let us know in the comments!