If you’re a YouTube make-up tutorial addict (how is that winged-liner, luv?), then you’ll definitely recognize the stunning Gigi Gorgeous. The 23-year-old digital star has amassed a loyal beauty-lovin’ fan base of over 2.1 million subscribers and regularly shows her devoted audience tips and tricks for beauty mastery.

In December 2013, Gigi announced that she was in fact transgender (yay, girl!) and now will take her fame to the next level with a new YouTube Red docuseries.


Let’s breakdown the excitement here:

1. YouTube is trying out original programming. Woo!

2. This will be a YouTube docuseries about a famous YouTuber. So cool!

3. This is another kick-ass step towards trans-positivity. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The “Untitled Gigi Gorgeous Project” (yes, that’s its name!) will be partially produced by Gorgeous herself, but it will be Oscar-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple at the reins. Focusing entirely on Miss Gigi and her journey from childhood to transition, and including footage of her gender confirmation surgery and private family moments, the docuseries will spend time with the star during New York Fashion Week as well as in LA and in Toronto where Gigi introduces the audience to the spaces and places that helped make her such an intriguing woman.

“I’ve spent the last five years going through a very personal journey,” Gigi Gorgeous said in a statement from her reps. “I’m nervous but thrilled to lift the curtain and share my intimate details and experiences through this film on YouTube Red.”

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(h/t Variety; photo via Select Management Group)