While sun protection is a must, millions of people around the world get freckles. And they take some pretty drastic measures (lemon juice, fruit peels and — yikes! — even lasers) to get rid of them. We think it’s time quit the concealing and start the revealing. Let those little sun spots shine!


We’re not alone in finding the hereditary trait adorable. For a while, faux freckles were the thing to have (and might still be). Emma Stone was seen rockin’ some at the Sag Awards earlier this year. Though naturally freckled, her MUA appeared to have covered them up and then penciled them back on. Kendall Jenner also rocked some faux freckles in this pic she posted on her Instagram account a few months back. Cute!

Samsung Launch Party

We loved how Demi Lovato let her real frecks shine through on the red carpet at the Samsung event.


Also, just a week ago, supermodel Gigi Hadid (and Kendall’s BFF) posted this gorg makeup-free selfie onto her Twitter accounted with a very simple caption: “Frex.” Yup, her fresh, freckled face looks amazing. Freckles aren’t a trend, they’re here to stay.

We’ve got a message to freckles everywhere: no more hiding.

What do you think of celebs rockin’ freckles? Will you be showing yours? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty + Ethan Miller/Getty + @gigihadid + @kendalljenner)