A true Gilmore Girls fan knows that Thanksgiving 2016 is extra, extra special for one reason: Gilmore Girls Revival! Rory and Lorelai Gilmore are arguably two of the coolest TV characters in history. I admittedly was a little late to the Gilly train 鈥 I started watching the show last year when it came out on Netflix. But from episode one, I was hooked. Suddenly I wanted to eat Pop-Tarts all day and talk really fast and drop pop culture references every other sentence.

To gear up for the revival, you and your bestie should dress up as our favorite mother-daughter / best buds duo, Rory and Lorelai, for Halloween. For extra Pop-Tart points, dress more friends up as other characters of the show. Stars Hollow is full of fun, zany characters 鈥 it was hard to choose a few to do in this tutorial. In the end, however, it came down to Rory鈥檚 boyfriends. Whether you are Team Dean, Jess or Logan, we all agree that dressing up as Rory鈥檚 love life would be an epic group costume.

Let鈥檚 get to it!


First up are the Gilmore Girls themselves: Rory and Lorelai! Throughout the season, their fashion sense is pretty out there 鈥 some for better, some for worse. It was hard to choose which outfit to do, but in the end, I decided to do Rory鈥檚 Chilton uniform and a classic 鈥90s Lorelai get-up.



For Rory鈥檚 Chilton outfit, I bought a Woman鈥檚 School Uniform Blue Plaid Skirt ($15) from Amazon, a Cat and Jack Boy鈥檚 Dress Shirt ($15) from Target and Forever 21 Ribbed Over-the-Knee聽Socks ($7). Paige, our Brand Partnership Planner, brought her own black flats.

I bought an Olympia Princeton Backpack ($23) for Rory鈥檚 classic yellow backpack. To finish off the outfit, I cut a strip of black felt with points at each end and wrapped it around Paige鈥檚 neck.


鈥淲ho cares if I鈥檓 pretty if I fail my finals?鈥



To nail Lorelai鈥檚 鈥90s look, I bought an MBJ Turtleneck Pullover ($20) and an MBJ Pencil Skirt ($18) from Amazon. I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson Finnegan Boots ($36), which scream Lorelai Gilmore.


鈥淕o back in your pajamas, go to bed, eat nothing but gallons of ice cream and tons of pizza.鈥 Well said, Lorelai.


Meet the Gilmores and their best friend, coffee.

Rory鈥檚 Boyfriends


Which team are you on?



This may be controversial, but I鈥檓 Team Dean. Let me clarify, I鈥檓 Team Dean Round 1, not so much Dean Round 2.

Dean always had a casual, small-town boy look. I found each piece of the costume (the cargo pants, the beaten up shoes, the green polo and the gray long sleeve shirt) from a thrift store.


Meet Dean: Rory鈥檚 first boyfriend. He鈥檚 sensitive, kind and helps the Gilmores change their water jug.



Even though I love Dean in Season 1, the chemistry between Rory and Jess is undeniable. Jess鈥 costume was really easy to put together. I bought a Wantdo Men鈥檚 Pu Leather Jacket ($59) from Amazon 鈥 Josh brought his own jeans, white shirt, black shoes and smirky grin.


Meet Jess: He鈥檚 broody and has a smart mouth. He loves reading and Rory.



Logan is the fanciest of Rory鈥檚 boyfriends, and he has a real affinity for wearing sweaters. I bought Logan鈥檚 sweater from a thrift store and Paige鈥檚 fiance Jon brought his own pants and shoes.


Chilton Rory, meet your future boyfriend, Logan.


Meet Logan: He loves to rebel against the Huntzberger family name. He鈥檚 Emily and Richard Gilmore鈥檚 favorite boyfriend but Lorelai鈥檚 least favorite. He bought Rory a Birkin Bag.


Which boyfriend will Rory choose in the revival?


The gang鈥檚 all here!


Just a couple of Gilmore girls snacking on some Pop-Tarts.

Which Stars Hollow character will you dress up as? Share your photos with us on Instagram using the hashtag #iamcreative and tag @BritandCo. Need even more inspiration? Head to Pinterest STAT.

DIY Production + Styling: Irene Lee
Hair + Makeup: Misty Spinney

Photography: Kurt Andre
Modeling: Paige Sager, Emelyn Baker, Jon Weber, Trevor Tillman, Josh Hadley

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