It’s a boy for Mr. Schue! After seven years of serving as a role model to the fictional students of William McKinely High School, Glee’s Matthew Morrison has taken to the ‘Gram to make the big announcement that he’s now got a babe of his own to teach, as the 38-year-old has just officially become a daddy.

The actor announced that wife Renee was with child to People back in May, saying, “I’m so excited and I just want to be the best father I possibly can… The fact that it’s half me and half the person that I love most in this world…I’m so excited to meet our child and to see what he or she looks like, and to see what features of my beautiful wife that he or she has.”

That time has finally come, with the Tulip Fever star giving us our first glimpse at his new little tyke and revealing his very unique name in the process.

“To my newborn child, Revel James Makai Morrison,” he began. “Your mama and papa got this! Trust in us to guide and protect you always. To lay the tracks so your choo choo will run smoothly throughout this world. You will have all the tools to soar!” he promised. “We love you and are so thankful for your arrival. The adventures are just beginning.”

We got an even better look at the beautiful babe from Renee, who shared a photo of the infant in all his wide-eyed wonder as captured by photographer Issac Cohen.

The new mother crafted her own sweet message to her child, saying, “I’m in Revel Heaven… my Heaven on Earth. To give you life, to hold you in my arms, to comfort you, to feed you from my body… I can’t begin to express my immeasurable gratitude for being the one you chose as your mama! My Revel James Makai Morrison, I promise to cherish you, to constantly remind you that you are worthy of love and belonging, to teach you compassion and kindness,” she vowed. “I will respect you and go through every moment with understanding and patience… I promise to love you unconditionally forever and ever my little angel baby… my squeaks… my moon.”

She also gave fans a clue as to who the babe most resembled, saying, “I see so much of your papa in you already… I feel the calm I once felt inside of me… I cry from the overwhelming joy of finally being able to see your face that is perfection! My little wiggle worm… I hold my belly even now with sweet reminiscence… I am so proud to finally share you with the world. Here he is, ladies and gentlemen… our little Revel James!”

We can’t wait to follow along with all of the wonderful adventures these three are sure to have and post to their hashtag, #morrisonadventures.

Congrats, guys!

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(Photos via Joe Scarnici + Kevin Winter/Getty)