Our hearts are on fire here at Brit HQ, and we can’t get enough of the Valentine’s Day spirit. Earlier this morning, Brit showed the folks at the Today Show how to create 6 heartfelt last minute gifts, and we’re here with a couple more tricks for love-ly home decor.

Hearts on the wall! We used heart-shaped cardboard boxes to create a pair of Lite Brite Hearts as well as a simple, chic Chalkboard Clock.

Chalkboard Clock Materials:
 – heart-shaped cardboard box lid

– clock kit

– chalkboard paint

– chalk!

Lite Brite Heart Materials:
 – 2 heart-shaped cardboard boxes

– LED string lights

– hammer + nail

– tape

First, the Chalkboard Clock.

1. Gather your materials. We used this clock kit, purchased on Amazon.

2. Paint two layers of chalkboard paint.

3. Let dry.

4. Install the clock kit. Tick tock!

Add a note of love for your Valentine, or use as a memo board in your kitchen or hallway.

Next, Lite Brite Hearts.

1. Gather your materials.

2. Draw a pattern on your box lid. Use a hammer and nail to punch holes along the line of the pattern.

3. Continue until you’re done.

4. Tape LED lights into the back of your cardboard box lid.

Such a fun way to light up a room!

Both of these projects are easy to do with just about any shape and pattern you like.

What home decor DIY projects have you made lately? Or maybe just pinned? Talk to us in the comments below.