From studded tulle friendship bracelets to sparkling accessories, we’ve been all about tulle this week in the style department, but what about cool and creative ways to use tulle around your home? You might be thinking to yourself, wait, what the heck is tulle? Tulle is the sheer sort of netted material that is normally used to make tutus, bridal veils, and the like. Today we’ll show you how to use tulle to make beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces for the home. After all, what’s a crafty DIYer’s version of Tim Allen’s Tool Time? TULLE TIME! :)

 – glass vases

– Montana Black spray paint

– painter’s tape

– spray adhesive

– canvases

1. Ombre Snakeskin Vases

For this set of vases, we used tulle as a stencil to create a snakeskin-esque pattern.

Get your materials together. We used 5 glass vases, pink, purple, and gold spray paint, and tulle!

Cut your tulle so that it wraps around the vase. Use tape to secure (and to create a bold un-painted stripe). For a geometric pattern, put random pieces of tape all over your vase.

For the basic vase, simply spray paint an ombre pattern.

For the patterned one, you can be a little more random with your spray paint.

2. Tulle Watercolor Wall Art

We love how simple stripes of tulle create an almost watercolor vibe.

First thing to do is cut your tulle into 2-inch strips. We went for cool colors like aqua, sage, and light purple.

Spray your canvas with spray adhesive and start attaching your tulle strips. Use a piece of cardboard (or a cardboard coffee cozy!) to press the tulle onto the canvas. We did one canvas with stripes and one with sort of a plaid pattern.

And then you’re done! Hang ’em up with push pins and you’ve got a cute little scene. So summery!

Which of these two decor ideas is more your style? Bright neon vases or subtle watercolor-inspired wall art? Tell us in the comments below.