Let’s face it, gold has a way of making everything look brighter, fancier and classier. But why leave it to just your adult living areas and grown up party decor? Babies and kids deserve to get in on Gold Week, too! Check out these 15 ways to add some shine to your baby’s nursery or child’s room, and get ready to watch them glow (the kids and their rooms, that is).

1. Gallery Wall: Thrift a few frames, spray paint some old ones and get creative with your little girl’s gallery wall. We love that this one even includes a flower crown! (via Mini Style)

2. Glitter Print ($8): Gold leaf prints are all the rage lately. Choose one like this that boasts an adorable saying to match your mini-me’s personality.

3. Rose Accent Wall: A metallic accent wall has the ability to change the entire vibe of a room. Instead of painting yours a solid color, opt for a patterned design like roses. (via She 777)

4. Metallic Printed Rug: We adore the way that metallic gold paint pops on a light, ivory rug. This combo of neutrals could pair with literally anything. (via DIY Network)

5. Gilded Alphabet Set ($195): Primary colored baby blocks are out, and these gilded blocks are in.

6. Golden Crib: If you do a simple search for gold baby cribs, you’ll likely be stuck weeding through lavish, expensive celeb nursery picks. If you opt to update a classic wooden crib yourself, you’ll be pleasantly left with this bright beauty. (via Beck Design)

7. Tassel Garland ($35): Garland isn’t just great for parties, it works as 24/7 decor too. Pick out your child’s favorite colors or choose from classic pinks and blues.

8. Chevron Duvet Cover ($178): Two of our favorite patterns have come together to create a spunky pattern-mixing bed that we would cozy up into today!

9. Ampersand Marquee Light: Trendy light-up signs are a super cool alternative to lamps and sconces. This DIY even explains how to wrap the white electrical cord with yarn to make it match a room’s decor. (via The Hunted Interior)

10. Lottie Dots Decal Set ($25): Colors like gold and patterns like polka dots don’t always have to look soft. Bold dots against a darker color are a creative idea for any kid’s room.

11. Wooden Letters: Paintable letters can usually be found at craft or hardware stores. Pick up some paint while you’re at it, and your child’s name will be glowing in no time. (via Project Nursery)

12. Triangle Wall Decals: If Brit + Co had a baby girl, we’d like to imagine this is what her nursery would look like. (via Mini Style)

13. Chevron Baby Bedding Set ($186 and up): This bedding is gender neutral and can be paired with an array of different colors to make it just right for your baby.

14. Typography Stickers: We wish our bedroom from our teenage years looked half as awesome as this one does. Slappin’ a gold quote like this on a mirror or window makes a super bold, bright statement. (via The Hunted Interior)

15. Pouf Ottoman: Even adding just one piece of gold furniture can give a nursery or kid’s room a sweet metallic vibe. Snag a pouf just like this one for $95 from Kouvy. (via Liz Marie)

Are you ready to go for the gold with your baby’s nursery or child’s room? Let us know your thoughts on these shiny decor ideas in the comments below.