Google has been expanding their horizons with their new office plans, their high speed Internet and now their first retail store in London. And their store isn’t your average sleek tech store. It’s an interactive palace, where you can play around with digital spray paint, gifs and other Googley fun.


At first, with all the Chromebooks and Nexus phones laying around, Google’s store looks like an everyday retail store, but once you start exploring inside, you’ll notice things are a little different. There’s a huge interactive Google Earth wall where you can control the map with a tablet. As you wander over to the wall with the huge screen that displays Google’s logo, you’ll see a line of virtual spray paint cans. You can use these cans to tag the wall with some awesome digital graffiti. On your way out, there’s a camera that takes four consecutive pictures of you and strings them together to make a gif. Just enter your email and Google will send you the link to your gif.

If you want to get into Google’s interactive fun or even just check out some of their latest tech, check out the store, located within the Currys PC World on Tottenham Court Road in London.

What would you doodle on the digital wall? Which exhibit would you want to check out first?

(h/t CNET, photo via Consumerist)