There are lots of creative ways to make churros, and Instagram is going crazy over them these days. Seriously, if you thought breakfast cereal cupcakes were amazing, just wait until you try sweet, crunchy churros dipped in chocolate and rolled in Fruity Pebbles! Churros are a Spanish delicacy made with fried pastry dough and sprinkled with sugar, and they’re typically eaten as snacks or desserts with few accoutrements. Now they’re being dipped in cereal, sprinkled with chocolate chips and used in ice cream sammies — they’re *basically* the new gourmet donut. Check out the insane and COMPLETELY nom-worthy creations that have been gracing our Instagram feeds lately.

1. Looping Around: The Loop, a churros shop in Westminster, California, is one of the establishments spearheading the gourmet churros craze. These two creations showcase a few of the shop’s options, with looped churros complementing frozen yogurt, fruity pebbles and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

2. Churro Cones: This is another one of those things that makes us ask ourselves, “Why hasn’t this been a thing all along?” Given that churros are fried pastry dough and are often served with ice cream, the fact that churro cones aren’t served pretty much everywhere is actually kind of mind-blowing. Check out the sprinkles, nuts, gooey caramel and chocolate toppings!

3. Simple Pleasures: These might not *look* as crazy as sprinkles- and cereal-topped churros, but they’re plenty creative. These bad boys are stuffed with vanilla, pistachio and chocolate filling and topped with such delicacies as coconut flakes, chocolate and candied nuts.

4. Chocolate Loops: These looped churros are chocolate-infused, making for a fun take on this delicious snack. The Fruity Pebble toppings don’t exactly hurt their appeal, either.

5. Churros Cupcakes: Yes, these churros come in cupcake form! Hailing from Sonia’s Cupcakes in Brazil, these babies are fried in tiny cupcake tins and piped with delicious frosting.

6. Churro Sundae: Your ice cream sundae just got a little more interesting! These creations from Ridges Churro Bar in LA offer ice cream topped with your choice of sweets (cereal and chocolate are featured here) and served alongside two DELICIOUS churros. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

7. Classic Churros: Okay, this creation isn’t TOO far out there, but there’s no question that it’s going to be unbelievably yummy. This more moderately sized portion of churro is served with classic vanilla ice cream. Split it with your boo or your BFF for a sort of (okay not really) healthy indulgence.

8. Got Churros?: These churro loops are served in hand-held form for your walking and snacking pleasure. Bonus points for the crispy nuts spread on top.

9. Dipped Churros: Dipping churros in a chocolate sauce is pretty standard, but these super-sugary treats take it to the NEXT LEVEL. They’re dipped not only in gooey chocolate, but also — for a twist — melted caramel!

10. Churro Cones Take Two: This take on churro cones is more simplistic than the first. It comes sans sprinkles but CRAMMED with vanilla ice cream. And do we see some melted chocolate peeking out from underneath the ice cream? Yes, yes we do.

11. Churros Down Under: These sweet treats come to us from Canberra, Australia, and we think they’d honestly be worth the trip to the Southern Hemi. They’re topped with coconut flakes, chocolate sprinkles, peanuts and chocolate sauce, and served in individual boxes for your churro-munching convenience. Plus, we see sprinkles in the background!

12. Churro Ice Cream Sandwich: It’s possible that we saved the best for last. That’s right — this is a GIGANTIC churro ice cream sandwich! (Insert heart-eyes emoji here.) The ice cream inside looks to be cookies-‘n’-cream, and it’s topped with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. YES, PLEASE.

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