Netflix’s Grace and Frankie Should Be Your 2016 BFF Halloween Costume
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Netflix’s Grace and Frankie Should Be Your 2016 BFF Halloween Costume

Imagine being married for thirty years and then finding out that your husband has been in a secret relationship with his business partner and is now asking for a divorce to get married to his true love. Well, this is exactly what happened to Grace and Frankie. Their husbands are in love and they have to deal with it. To make it worse, they can’t stand each other’s guts. Grace is polished and a true business woman, and drinks martinis with her other wealthy friends. Frankie is a hippie that loves the earth, her paint brush and smoking weed. These two 70-year-old women are so inspirational and hilarious — I’d say this show is a Netflix must. After you binge watch the series, you will definitely want to dress up as these two badass ladies for Halloween. Follow along to get the look.

Grace and Frankie are VERY different, but both of these outfits are totally doable with thrift store finds. For Grace, you want a classic look — pearls, black cardigan, black pants and a belt to cinch everything together. Frankie’s outfit is completely different — pick up a long shapeless black dress, long shapeless sweater to wear on top and add some tribal jewelry.

Grace is known to be not so loving — even her children agree that her strength as a mom wasn’t her heart. On the other hand, Frankie can’t control her loving heart and often gets on Grace’s nerves because of how often she wants to help. To get that more mature look, go heavy on the powder layered over your foundation; this will make your skin look heavier and more aged.

Here’s another hack on getting fake wrinkles — make a scrunchy face, smile and scowl, and wherever the lines are on your face, you can lightly trace a brown eyeliner over them. For the gray hairs, you can use silver face makeup like the Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Color Makeup in Silver ($10) and just simply brush them into your hair or wig.

“But Grace — I’m engaging with all the people on the internet-land.”

Grace and Frankie’s personal interpretation of meditation.

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Models: Ashley Reed and Victoria Haas

Hair and Makeup: Misty Spinney

Photography: Kurt Andre