Graffiti, street art, murals — whatever you want to call it, we love it. We think the bright colors, free form design and bold geometry is pretty cool, and we love seeing well-done wall murals out on the streets. Now, graffiti is starting to sneak its way inside, and we’re pretty impressed with how well these homes are pulling off the eclectic look. Whether it’s a simple canvas piece of art, a whole wall mural or just some spray painted lines across the wall, graffiti is showing us its softer side as interior art.

1. Just a Squiggle: Sometimes just the tiniest bit of creativity can lighten up a room, like this single line piece of graffiti art set above the fireplace. It gives the dark, traditional room a bit of playfulness and youthfulness. (via Alexander James Photography)

2. Spray Paint Quote: Everything else in this sleek Parisian apartment is sleek and modern, making this free-spirited quote unexpected. Instead of painting the whole wall, adding a big bright canvas can be just as effective for bringing in color. (via The English Muse)

3. Art Mockup: Apparently Damien Hirst himself painted this on the wall as a joke during one of his art openings. We’d hang it in our home (or office) — no joke. (via Remodelista)

4. Urban Gallery: Having pieces of art and graffiti mixed together gives an eclectic and modern feel to the traditional gallery wall. And we love the art leaning up against the wall. (via Universe of Chaos)

5. Writing on the Wall: Instead of painting on the wall, this art installation was painted on panels so it isn’t permanent. The white walls and light floors help balance out the dark piece of art. (via Alexander James Photography)

6. Letter Wallpaper: At first glance, this wall looks like wide, painted strips, but it actually consists of loosely drawn letters. Maybe there is a secret message in it? We love the black, gray and copper color palette in this dining room. (via Wall and Deco)

7. Love the Sun: In an otherwise white apartment, this small foyer is brightened up with a neon pink graffiti wall that reflects across the surrounding walls. Did anyone else notice it is ombre?? LOVE! (via Eclectic Living Home)

8. Monochromatic Palette: Part handwriting, part spray paint, this gray and white graffiti wall almost feels like a rebellious piece of chalkboard art. We think it adds the perfect amount of edge to this sleek dining room with its metallic table and modern chairs. (via Jimmie Martin)

9. Graffiti City: Graffiti was born on the streets, so this mix of paint and skyscrapers is pretty cool. If you don’t personally know any graffiti artists, check out the wallpaper mural options to get the same urban feeling. (via Bloom Papers)

10. French Graffiti Hotel: On the very extreme side of graffiti is this hotel in Paris, where exactly one half of the room is painted. Bonus points for such crazy creativity! (via Brit + Co)

11. Amped Up Victorian: You wouldn’t expect to see a graffiti mural over these traditional pieces of furniture, but somehow the colors all work together to create a unified space instead of a chaotic one. (via HGTV)

12. Powder Room Wow: We love us a well-designed bathroom, and this little powder room packs a punch with those dark glossy walls and one extreme piece of graffiti. (via Houzz)

13. Vintage Graffiti: Proof that graffiti can show up in some of the most unexpected places, a tiny bit of spray paint peeks out of an otherwise old Victorian home. That’s the rad thing about this art form… its sense of irreverence, just showing up uninvited and fitting in oh-so-well. (via Houzz)

14. Kelly Wearstler Foyer: Leave it to celeb interior designer Kelly Wearstler to have THIS as her foyer. The single pink color and wide stripes keep the look from overwhelming. (via Inthralld)

15. Casual and Playful: We love the idea of just using a little bit of graffiti on an accent wall to add a feeling of playfulness to your space. The colors in this mural reflect the warm colors in the wood and other dark red walls. (via Design Culture)

Would you put graffiti in your home? Talk to us in the comments below!